Grant to Investigate Value-Added Carbon Products from PCC and IGCC Byproducts

The Center for Applied Energy Research has received $70,000 from the Consortium for Premium Carbon Products from Coal (CPCPC) for a joint project between the lab's Carbon Materials and ECT groups to assess the use of recovered carbon from PCC and IGCC power plants as potentially marketable value-added carbon materials. CAER is supplying $60,000 in cost-share and Charah Environmental is providing $10,000 in support of the project.

Utilizing technologies developed by CAER and collaborators, carbon fractions from operating PCC and IGCC power plants will be produced. These materials will be steam and chemically activated to assess their suitability for developing activated carbons with sufficient porosity for environmental and industrial separations. Activation methods will be tailored to produce an activated carbon suitable for mercury and nitrogen oxide adsorption.

Recovered PCC and IGCC carbons will also be studied as fillers in plastics to produce conductive plastics for such uses as electrostatic discharge control and electrostatic painting.

Date of News Release: June 6, 2002

Additional Information: Marybeth McAlister - Phone: 859-257-0224.


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