The Atlas of Coal Geology (American Association of Petroleum Geologists Studies in Geology #45), a 4-yr publication project of the Energy Minerals Division-AAPG and The Society for Organic Petrology, is available as of the end of November from AAPG. The atlas was compiled by Alex Papp, Jim Hower, and Doug Peters; with Papp and Hower responsible for volumes I and II of the atlas, respectively. This is the first publication by AAPG that is entirely digital, with no associated printed material, and is being produced in CD-ROM format.

The Atlas of Coal Geology CD-ROM is designed as a combination reference and learning resource for novice- through expert-level geoscientists in the energy industry and academia. This publication is the first in over 30 years to fully and pictorially cover the topic of coal geology in all its aspects: coal deposition and sedimentary environments, structural geology, coal components, coal petrology, environmental aspects, coal utilization (coal mining and coalbed methane) and more. The Atlas contains over 660 color (primarily) and black-and-white digital pictures, from various coal basins around the world, pertaining to these many aspects of coal geology. It is a first-rate research and teaching tool!

All text and picture captions on the CD-ROM can be searched by key words or through the Table of Contents. All pictures and text (both background text and captions) are downloadable for reproduction for reference, presentation, and teaching purposes.

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Atlas of Coal Geology CD-ROM emphasize coal geology and coal petrology, respectively. The coal geology volume includes 393 images relating to megascopic coal geology, exploration, mining, and coalbed methane (CBM). The coal petrology volume includes 275 sets of images pertaining to microscopic examination of coals, including macerals and minerals in coals. All pictures are fully captioned. Supporting and background text exceeds the equivalent of 250 printed pages!! Reference lists are included and linked to the Atlas text to allow you to find additional information.

The Atlas contains the following sections:

Volume 1 - Coal Geology

Volume 2 - Coal Petrology: An Introduction

The Atlas is best used on a Pentium or MMX (IBM-compatible) computer, Windows 95 or newer operating system, with 16 MByte RAM or higher, 4X CD reader, 2 MByte video display card set to 16-bit color ("High Color") or better, and screen resolution (desktop area) of 800 x 600 pixels or better. The Atlas also is compatible with Unix, NT, and Mac systems.

Order forms are available on the TSOP web site ( Examples of images will soon be available. To request further information on the Atlas or to order it by phone, contact:

Ron Hart
Datapages, Inc.
1743 East 71st Street
Tulsa, OK 74136
Phone 918-496-7777
Fax 918-496-3756

Cost for AAPG and TSOP members is $39 and for nonmembers is $52. Visa/Mastercard orders accepted.


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