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The Center for Applied Energy Research operates a full service research library which houses a comprehensive collection of more than 8,000 books, primarily on energy resources-utilization-statistics with emphasis on coal, oil shale, fuel and other general energy topics. The facility has 40,000 microfiche records of technical reports and maintains subscriptions to more than 40 scientific, technical and energy-related journals. The library staff are always happy to assist with any inquiries.

The CAER Library provides the following services to the public:

  • Assistance with general reference queries pertaining to CAER library collection
  • Circulation of CAER materials
  • Access to unique research databases which include IEA Coal Abstracts - Powder Diffration File Data - NIST
  • User training of CAER online book catalog, CD-ROM products, InfoKat plus other university databases as appropriate
  • Full access to all university databases and online journals - (UK staff)
  • CAER is an authorized sales agency representative of IEA COAL RESEARCH CENTRE publications
  • Provide coal related links via CAER public web site

Library services to CAER staff include in-depth reference/research services and literature searching; training for database/Internet search skills; database maintance; grant/solicitation awareness; maintain library web site that links to web-accessible informational databases; serve on web committee that creates/maintains CAER web sites; maintain daily library technical services. Additionally, four public-access computers are available for appropriate staff and UK public use.

Location and Hours

University of Kentucky
2540 Research Park Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40511-8410
Tel: 859-257-0309
Fax: 859-257-0302/0220

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (M-F)
Driving Directions and Maps

Theresa Wiley, Library Manager
Tel: 859-257-0309
  • CAER Online Book Catalog includes bibliographic information from the Center's library collection.
  • Most of the CAER Library's holdings are also searchable from the Univeristy of Kentucky's Libraries' InfoKat online system and may be checked out to UK faculty, staff and students as well as to the Kentucky general public and via interlibrary loan requests. (Please see circulation policy statement.)
  • CAER Staff Publications is a separate database that includes staff journal publications (refereed and non-refereed) and presentations from 1989 to present. Search for author, title, source, year, keyword and document type.
  • 1972-1988 Staff Publications - This database consists of the citations (those citations turned into the library during that time period) to the Center's past publications when it was known as: KCERL, KECL, KCER, IMMR .... and so forth. The Library has paper copies of many of these papers; photocopy fees and appropriate copyright fees will be accessed-contact the library staff for details.
  • The library also maintains the CAER Staff Profiles web-based database.
  • The library maintains the paper version of the following three specific collections; the table of contents are provided for your review:
  • Eastern Oil Shale Symposium Series, organized by the CAER/IMMR - (1981 to 1993)
  • Pace Synthetic Fuels Report - Oil Shale, Coal, Oil Sands from the Sinor Collection - (1985 to 1994)
  • The Sinor Synthetic Fuels Report - Oil Shale, Coal, Oil Sands from the Sinor Collection - (January 1995 to April 2000)