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Coal Combustion By-Products (CCBs)

All Flash CCB Movies on the Kentucky Ash Education Site

How Coal is Processed at an Electrical Power Plant

Amount of Coal Burned and Amount of CCBs Produced in Kentucky and the U.S.

See the CAER FastFloat Process in Action

Current and Future Uses of CCB Products in a Typical Suburban Home

Different Types of CCBs - Clean Coal Technologies

As new coal fired utilities are built, they will utilize technologies specifically focused on reducing emissions, such as gasification and clean coal technologies (CCT). While these technologies do an exceptional job at reducing emissions, they generate large quantities of by-products. Since CCT is quite different from conventional pulverized coal combustion (PCC), it is not surprising that CCT byproducts are very different from PCC byproducts. Many industries use PCC byproducts because they have been available for many years and their uses are well understood. Uses for CCT byproducts are not nearly as well understood, and it will take time to generate the knowledge as well as the utilization markets.

The following Flash movies - courtesy of the UK CAER's CCT site - demonstrate the various CCT processes utilized at coal fired power plants to enhance the efficiency and environmental acceptability of coal preparation and use.

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