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Coprocessing Waste with Coal

AUTHOR: Robert M. Davidson
DATE: November 1997

This report is the second in a series examining the role for coal in generating energy from waste. Ways of using coal, other than combustion, are examined. Wastes can be coprocessed with coal to yield gas and liquid fuels or chemical feedstocks. Specific approaches discussed include:

  • gasification of sewage sludge, straw, wood wastes, and plastics;
  • liquefaction of paper and papermaking wastes, waste tyres, plastic wastes, oils, greases, and waste-derived liquids;
  • pyrolysis of plastics; and
  • economic studies.

It is concluded that cogasification could be a viable option, especially if recycling of wastes is mandatory. Coliquefaction, on the other hand, is probably a less attractive route.