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Modular Options for Coal-Fired Power Stations

AUTHOR: Chris W. Maude
DATE: March 1996

The latest in the series of Perspectives reports from IEA Coal Research reviews the options available for the construction of power stations as modular units.

Coal-fired power stations are inherently modular. Manufacture is arranged to provide a series of convenient prefabricated packages for final assembly on site. The technique is also known as shop modularisation.

This report describes the suitability of the major components of atypical power station to modularisation and examines the application of pre-engineered packages. The effects of modularisation on plant economics are also considered.

Various types of commercial coal-fired plant including both pulverised coal and fluidised combustion systems are included. Pressurised fluidised bed combustion (PFBC) is regarded as sufficiently commercial for discussion as an example of newly emerging systems. More advanced systems such as hybrid and integrated coal gasification combined cycles (IGCC), although highly modularised, are not considered sufficiently commercial for inclusion. Attention is focused on turbines and boilers because their requirements determine the characteristics of all other components.