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Asian Coal Prospects to 2010

AUTHOR: Martin Daniel
DATE: March 1995

The latest in the series of Perspectives reports from IEA Coal Research reviews the prospects for coal in Asia to the year 2010.

The Asian region is characterised by more rapid growth in energy, electricity and coal demand than in any other part of the world. The region consumes almost half of all world hard coal production and over half of all internationally traded coal.

Strong growth in demand for energy, electricity and coal--indigenous and traded--is certain to continue. This report covers 18 Asian countries which will play a crucial role in determining world coal production, trade and use over the years to 2010.

The prospects for coal output, trade and use are analysed and quantified country by country, based on a detailed assessment of potential growth in economic activity, energy and electricity demand, and of fuel choices in each country. The country analyses follow a general assessment of the issues which will affect coal prospects throughout Asia in the period to 2010, including the impact of the region's recent and rapid move to liberalisation of energy and electricity supply.

Complementing the recent IEA Coal Research studies on China and Indonesia, this report will be invaluable to all executives and analysts involved in assessing energy developments in the rapidly growing and evolving Asian region.