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On-Line Analysis of Coal---Symposium Review

AUTHOR: Andrew Kirchner and Chris Maude
DATE: September 1994

The latest in the series of Perspectives reports from IEA Coal Research reviews recent developments in on-line analysis of coal.

On-line analysis techniques have developed because of their ability to provide coal quality information on a continuous basis and more quickly than laboratories. The technology can be used to measure several important bulk coal quality parameters, such as ash and moisture. It can also provide information on the elemental omposition of the coal. Many users have already shown that it is possible to use this information to optimise production, processing and end use operations so that payback times typically fall below one year. This Perspective updates the 1991 report on the same subject and is based on the papers presented at the International Symposium on On-line analysis of coal held in Vienna during October 1993. Around 600 ash and elemental analysers are now in operation worldwide. Developments that have taken place since the original report was published are reviewed. These include systems for analysing brown coal, unburnt carbon in fly ash gauges, and pulverised coal mass flow gauges for burner pipes. Research work on local control systems, and the next generation of elemental analysers is described. Discussion of important issues such as analyser calibration, accuracy and verification is also presented.