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Coal Technology Transfer: Motivation and Markets

AUTHOR: Tim Jones
DATE: May 1994

The latest in the series of Perspectives from IEA Coal Research assesses the prospects for coal technology transfer.

The motivation for coal technology transfer to developing countries and to countries with economies in transition is influenced by the objectives of the buyer and the seller. Technology will primarily be required by a developing country in order to improve the standard of living of its people. Private companies selling technology are motivated by profit. Governments and international organisations may be more concerned with mitigating global environmental or other problems in both buying and selling roles.

This report assesses the opportunities for and the programmes designed to promote technology transfer. Funding is the key issue. Sources of funding include commercial lenders such as banks and insurance companies, international finance agencies such as the World Bank, government export agencies, and area development banks. Detailed information in individual coal-related cases, regarding the supplier, the technology, the recipient, details of the transfer process, and the nature of any problems and solutions is not available to the extent required to allow a meaningful analysis and comparison of mechanisms for coal technology transfer. The report concludes that an internationally coordinated approach to dissemination of information would benefit coal-related technology transfer.