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European Coal Prospects to 2010

AUTHOR: Martin Daniel
DATE: September 1993

The latest in the series of Perspectives from IEA Coal Research assesses the prospects for European coal demand, production, imports and exports to the year 2010.

The report covers brown coal and lignite as well as hard coal prospects. All European countries, eastern and western, are included.

The report begins with an overview of the issues which will determine coal demand, production and trade in Europe over the next two decades. The prospects are then considered in detail for each country.

The report concludes that European coal production will fall substantially over the period to 2010. Hard coal production is projected to fall to under 190 Mt in 2010. Brown coal and lignite output is projected to fall to under 450 Mt. By contrast, hard coal net imports are projected to rise substantially to over 250 Mt. Coking coal imports into Europe will remain stable at around 50 Mt, whilst steam coal imports could almost double to over 200 Mt.

This report will be indispensable to policy makers and analysts in government and industry, whether involved in the production, trade or use of coal or other fuels.