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IEA Publications - Perspective Series

IEA PERSPECTIVES (IEAPER) series publications are short reports on fast-moving issues of topical interest. Perspectives are individually priced at an affordable level.

IEAPER/01 Carbon Taxes
IEAPER/02 Seaborne Steam Coal Trade--Demand Prospects to 2000
IEAPER/03 Environmental Audits
IEAPER/04 Methane Emissions from Coal
IEAPER/05 European Coal Prospects to 2010
IEAPER/06 N20 Emissions from Coal Use
IEAPER/07 Computer-Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy of Minerals in Coal
IEAPER/08 Nitrogen in Coal
IEAPER/09 Ocean Freight Rates for Coal
IEAPER/10 Coal Technology Transfer: Motivation and Markets
IEAPER/11 Chinese Coal Prospects to 2010
IEAPER/12 Greenhouse Gases--Perspectives on Coal
IEAPER/13 On-line Analysis of Coal--Symposium Review
IEAPER/14 Indonesian Coal Prospects to 2010
IEAPER/15 Control of Coal Dust in Transit and in Stockpiles
IEAPER/16 Sulphates, Climate and Coal
IEAPER/17 Air Pollution Control Costs for Coal-Fired Power Stations
IEAPER/18 Asian Coal Prospects to 2010
IEAPER/19 Mercury Emissions and Effects--the Role of Coal
IEAPER/20 Utility Coal Procurement
IEAPER/21 Trace Elements in Coal
IEAPER/22 Coal Preparation -- Automation and Control
IEAPER/23 Coal Prospects in Latin America 2010
IEAPER/24 Air Pollution Control for Coal-Fired Power Stations in Eastern Europe
IEAPER/25 Modular Options for Coal-Fired Power Stations
IEAPER/26 New Coal Facilities - Overcoming the Obstacles
IEAPER/27 Coal Prospects in Russia
IEAPER/28 Chlorine and Other Halogens in Coal
IEAPER/29 Externalities and Coal-Fired Power Generation
IEAPER/30 Residues from Advanced Coal-Use Technologies
IEAPER/31 Coal Combustion Modelling
IEAPER/32 Coal Sulphur Content--Impact on Coal Markets
IEAPER/33 OECD Coal-Fired Power Generation--Trends in the 1990s
IEAPER/34 Low Cost, Retrofit FGD Systems
IEAPER/35 The Use of Natural Gas in Coal-Fired Boilers
IEAPER/36 Coprocessing Waste with Coal
IEAPER/37 Coal Prospects in India
IEAPER/38 Climatic Change--Modelling and Measurement
IEAPER/39 Southeast Asia--Air Pollution Control*

*Publication PER/39 is the last item in this PER series (3-10-98).