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Coal in Ukraine

AUTHOR: Katerina Rousaki
DATE: April 1999

Ukraine has considerable energy resources, the most abundant of which is coal. Proven recoverable reserves of hard coal are estimated to be 32 Gt most of which is located in the east part of the country in the Donets basin. Brown coal reserves are estimated at 2 Gt while coalbed methane resources at 1.4 trillion m3, 10% of which is believed to be recoverable. Coal production has sharply declined between 1988 (200 Mt) and today (75 Mt in 1996) reflecting the economic disturbance following the break up of the Soviet block, and increasing mining costs as the existing mines are becoming exhausted. Most of the coal produced is bituminous and anthracite, some of which can be used for coking. In spite of the reserves Ukraine is a net importer. Imports amounted to 11 Mt in 1996. Coal demand has also declined from 130 Mt in 1990 to 80 Mt in 1996. Coal currently accounts for 30% of primary energy consumption and for 30% of electricity production. Other major coal using-sectors include the iron and steel industries, district heating plants and the direct use of coal and coal products for residential heating.