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Emissions Standards Handbook

AUTHORS: Alessandra Mcconville
DATE: August 1997
PAGES: 201

As concern about local, regional and transboundary effects of air pollution increases, air pollution legislation is being introduced or is being made more stringent around the world. In Western Europe, North America and Japan, emission standards are being tightened or supplemented by other measures. Central and Eastern European countries are highly dependent on low-rank domestic coals which has resulted in severe air pollution in much of the region.

Most of these countries have introduced, or are introducing air pollution legislation, often based on EC legislation. In many parts of Asia, coal is increasingly used for power generation. However, air pollution problems have also been increasing and are causing health problems. Legislation to control air pollution is being introduced and will be important for both existing and new coal-fired plant. International legislation is an important driver for national regulations in many parts of the world.

The book is organised into two main sections:

  • one covering international agreements and regulation
  • and the other providing a country by country analysis.

Each country section examines the general legislative approach of that country, together with the sources of regulations and how regulations are being implemented. The focus, throughout the book, is on national emission standards for particulates, SO2 and NOx. Where regional legislation exists or where there are standards for other pollutants, this is indicated in the text, and details of the emission standards are given in the accompanying CD-ROM.