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Advanced Power Systems and Coal Quality

AUTHOR: David H. Scott and Anne M. Carpenter
DATE: May 1996

Conventional PC boilers have demonstrated their ability to operate using virtually the whole range of materials described as coal but some coals are more suitable than others. Where an economical supply of high grade, medium bituminous coal is available, it tends to be the fuel of choice. A PC broiler designed to use low grade, low rank and/or highly fouling coals is likely to be lower.

As with PC systems, advanced power generation systems can also use any coal but the system may have to be modified to cope with the peculiarities of the selected fuel. A plant designed for one fuel may not operate optimally using other fuels. However, advanced power systems each have their own set of coal quality requirements and coals of widely different properties are used around the world. As the advanced systems are developed, they may become increasingly commercially attractive at appropriate locations.