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Advanced Power Generation

AUTHOR: Chris Maude
DATE: March 1993

This new report looks at advanced power generation from a different angle. A common design basis across several technologies is used to focus attention on the effects of adopting particular design options. Results from a series of independent performance simulation calculations are reinforced by comparison with published data for specific projects.

Technologies which are expected to be applied commercially in utility service before the year 2000 are considered. The main technology groups include pulverised coal firing with flue gas conditioning, circulating fluidised combustion boilers, pressurised fluidised bed combined cycles and a range of IGCC options based on coal gasification. Hybrid cycles, which incorporate both gasification and solid fuel combustion stages, are also evaluated although these may, perhaps, be regarded as second generation technology.

Within each technology group, various design options are considered in order to evaluate their individual influence on performance and cost. Plant options include gas turbine selection, sulphur content of the fuel, steam conditions in the power generation cycle, choice of gasification system, source of primary oxidant and the potential for hot gas cleaning.

Details of calculations used to develop cost of electricity figures in selected cases are tabulated in an appendix. Extensive tables listing the design details are also provided to facilitate comparison with results obtained from other sources.

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