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Gas Cleaning for Advanced Coal-Based Power Generation

AUTHOR: Kelly V. Thambimuthu
DATE: March 1993
PAGES: 163

This report concentrates on the development of high temperature and high pressure (HTHP), or hot gas cleaning processes for the removal of particulates, sulphurous gases, reduced nitrogen compounds, nitrogenous oxides, minor and trace element species. There are a number of similarities in the process environment of the various advanced power generation cycles. Hence the gas cleaning unit operations are evaluated within the categories:

  • gasification cycles;
  • pressurised fluidised bed combustion (PFBC) and hybrid (topping) cycles;
  • pressurised pulverised coal or direct coal-fired turbine (DCFT) cycles.

Low temperature and high pressure (LTHP) or cold cleaning technologies, which played an important role in the early commercialisation of the gasification based power generation cycles, are also included. Additionally, the incidental separation of CO2 in the cold cleaning processes is reviewed in order to assess the scope for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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