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Major Coalfields of the World

AUTHOR: Simon Walker
DATE: January 1993
PAGES: 130

Over the next two decades, at least 90% of world hard coal output will be produced from a relatively small number of major coalfields. This report provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of these coalfields from both a geological and economic perspective.

Introductory chapters describe the formation of coal deposits during geological history, and the changing pattern of production and use over recent history. Subsequent chapters analyse each major coalfield in turn, considering the geology, structure and stratigraphy, rank and quality, resources and areas of future interest of the coalfields. Industry structure and performance over the recent past are then considered, together with the transport infrastructure, production costs and market potential of each coalfield.

The report places special emphasis on export-oriented coalfields, and the impact that the varying characteristics of different coal deposits will have on the prospects for each coalfield.

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