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Environmental Impact Assessment for Coal

AUTHOR: Tim Jones
DATE: February 1992

This report examines the process of environmental impact assessment (EIA) of coal-related projects from an International perspective. EIA is a formal procedure to assess the potential environmental effects of certain new projects. The information, submitted in the form of an environmental statement, is considered during the decision-making process along with the other components of a planning application.

In order to present an international perspective a selection of coal user and/or producer countries was chosen (Australia, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the USA).The report reviews EIA legislation in these countries, the requirements for EIA, and the procedures involved.

A chapter is devoted to the experience gained with EIA through five case studies of recent coal-related projects. A description of the project and the existing environment is presented. The approach to the assessment is examined in addition to the assessment itself, and the presentation of the environmental statement is described. The potential effects of EIA requirements are discussed.