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Emission Standards Handbook

AUTHOR: Hermine N. Soud
DATE: December 1991
PAGES: 248

This handbook includes current and proposed emission standards for particulates, SO2 and NOx from coal-fired plants. Emission standards for other pollutants are included where known.

Covering 21 countries, the handbook includes legislation in the EC countries, the fourteen IEA Coal Research member countries, two East European countries (Poland and Czechoslovakia) and other countries which are significant users of coal, such as Taiwan, which have introduced, or plan to adopt, relevant emission standards. Several international agreements and standards are also discussed and explained.

The handbook is organised on a country basis. For each country, a text section describes the general background to air pollution control policy, including the main legislative instruments and the bodies responsible for their implementation and enforcement, and outlines key policies for control of major pollutants. A series of tables lists emission standards currently in force and those which are the subject of firm proposals. To facilitate comparison between countries, the emission standards and the sizes of plants to which they apply have been converted to a broadly comparable basis as well as expressed in the original form in which they are given in the country's legislation.

A database of air pollutant emission standards for coal-fired plants has also been created. Changes in air pollutant legislation worldwide will be monitored regularly in order to keep an up-to-date record of the latest regulations. Users may request updating or specific searches on this database subject to a fee dependent upon the number of records generated.