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Coal Prospects in Eastern Europe

AUTHOR: Gordon Couch, Matthias Hessling, Anna-Karin Hjalmarsson, Eric Jamieson, Tim Jones
DATE: December 1990
PAGES: 117

In 1989-90, the countries of Eastern Europe entered a new political era. The individual economies are now faced with an awesome challenge: to make the transition to a market system after more than forty years of central planning, while at the same time attempting to minimise the social costs.

The first part of this report provides a broad overview of the political and economic situation in Eastern Europe. In particular, the position of coal within the overall energy scene is assessed. Coal production and utilisation and future prospects for coal are addressed. Emphasis is given to the changing environmental scene, highlighting opportunities for investment.

The second part of the report looks in detail at the energy and economic situation in the eight countries covered by this report:

  • German Democratic Republic
  • Poland
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Yugoslavia
  • Bulgaria
  • Albania