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World Coal-Fired Power Stations

AUTHOR: A. Mannini, M. Daniel, A. Kirchner and H. Soud
DATE: September 1990
PAGES: 285

This directory (of nearly 300 pages) contains details of more than 1300 power stations in 51 countries. Organised by country, utility and power station name, each entry contains, where possible, details of:

  • coal-fired capacity;
  • number, age and capacity of units;
  • fuel type;
  • emission control equipment;
  • utility coal specifications.

The tables of data are supplemented with accounts of each country's electricity industry. These include information on:

  • organisational structure/policy;
  • generating capacity/production;
  • plans;
  • coal burn/sourcing;
  • environmental/emissions control.

Maps show the location and size of major (>300 MW) coal-fired stations. An introductory chapter provides an overview of coal-fired power station capacity and distribution and discusses the major issues affecting the growth of steam coal use for power generation. The directory is indexed by power station name.