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Pollution Control for Industrial Coal-Fired Boilers

AUTHOR: Jan L Vernon
DATE: July 1990

This report, which covers industrial coal-fired plants within the range 0.5-50 MWt, examines:

  • pollution control requirements;
  • control technologies;
  • cost implications for industrial energy from coal.

Although coal-fired industrial boilers currently produce only a small proportion of pollution from coal firing, they are becoming subject to increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Industrial boilers have the advantage of using technologies such as stoker firing and FBC which produce relatively low emissions of pollutants. However, as many industrial boilers are small they are unable to benefit from economies of scale and operators may have fewer resources available for investment in pollution control.

At a time when coal is under price pressure from other fuels, especially natural gas, the additional costs and inconvenience of pollution control requirements may be a is incentive to additional use of coal. In the longer term, continuing improvements in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of pollution control, may allow coal to regain its market position.