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Current and Prospective Australian Coal Supply

AUTHOR: Eric D. Jamieson
DATE: February 1990
PAGES: 106

Part I of this report examines the international and national settings in which the Australian coal industry has developed, now operates and will have to live in the future. Global factors beyond Australian coal but with major impact on the functioning of the largely export orientated industry, and the degree of industry exposure to those impacts are reviewed. This is followed by examination of the economic setting for Australian coal in terms of its contribution to national GDP, international trade and employment. The report goes on to assess the place of coal in the Australian energy scene and particularly in electricity generation.

Part II of the report assesses the current Australian coal situation by examining recent historical data and trends in relation to consumption, supply and trade; considers the physical and cost criteria in the current coal supply regime; defines important aspects of the evolution and current structure of the coal industry; reviews government policies, control mechanisms and institutions; and identifies required supply costs in the context of current prices and supply curvers.

Part III of the report looks at the future of Australian coal supply in terms of cost availability and required price. Demand and supply projections are reconciled to produce an integrated picture of how projected demand may be met from existing supply sources and new projects.