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Lignite Resources and Characteristics

AUTHOR: Gordon R. Couch
DATE: December 1988
PAGES: 102

This report contains a country by country assessment of both the resources and characteristics of lignites/brown coals. For each of the 27 countries covered, details of the resources, the main characteristics and the extraction rate and use are given where possible. The assessment highlights the variability in the material from deposit to deposit, and sometimes within a deposit. Such variability is a characteristic of lignite/brown coal and is particularly associated with the amount and composition of ash. Various inorganics present can and do cause problems for the user. They result in fouling and erosion in boilers, and other problems when lignite is used as a feedstock for upgrading or conversion processes. These problems are reviewed briefly. This report also addresses the interaction between mine planning and lignite/brown coal use, covering exploration, mining methods, stockyard engineering and analysis of lignite/brown coal.