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IEA Publications - IEACR Coal Research Series

The IEA COAL RESEARCH (IEACR) publication series are reports that provide information and analysis of all aspects of coal production and use, including:

  • supply, transport and markets;
  • coal science;
  • coal utilisation;
  • coal and the environment.

IEACR/01 Trace Elements from Coal Combustion: Emissions
IEACR/02 China's Potential in International Coal Trade
IEACR/03 Coal Research Centres
IEACR/04 Not published
IEACR/05 Particulate Control for Coal Combustion
IEACR/06 Coal-Fired MHD
IEACR/07 Co2 and Climatic Change
IEACR/08 Catalysis in Coal Liquefaction: New Directions for Research
IEACR/09 There is NO CR/09 publication
IEACR/10 Coal Research Projects 1988
IEACR/11 Emission Standards for Coal-Fired Plants
IEACR/12 Coal Classification
IEACR/13 Lignite Resources and Characteristics
IEACR/14 Acidic Deposition - Surface Waters (actual title: Acidic Deposition - Ecological Effects on Surface Waters)
IEACR/15 World Coal Ports
IEACR/16 Prospects for Polish and Soviet Coal Exports
IEACR/17 Acidic Deposition - Soils and Forests (actual title: Acidic Deposition - Ecological Soils and Forests)
IEACR/18 Market Impacts of Sulphur Control
IEACR/19 Power Generation from Lignite
IEACR/20 Current and Prospective Australian Coal Supply
IEACR/21 Management of AFBC Residues
IEACR/22 FGD Installations on Coal-Fired Plants
IEACR/23 Lignite Upgrading
IEACR/24 Nox Control Technologies for Coal Combustion
IEACR/25 Pollution Control for Industrial Coal-Fired Boilers
IEACR/26 Coal Supply Prospects in Asia/Pacific Region
IEACR/27 Market Mechanisms for Pollution Control
IEACR/28 World Coal-Fired Power Stations
IEACR/29 Natural Oxidation of Coal
IEACR/30 Systems for Controlling NOx from Coal Combustion
IEACR/31 Coal Prospects in Eastern Europe
IEACR/32 Surface Coal Mines - Restoration and Rehabilitation
IEACR/33 African Coal Supply Prospects
IEACR/34 NOx Control Installations on Coal-fired Plants
IEACR/35 Mine Productivity
IEACR/36 NOx Emissions from Coal Combustion
IEACR/37 Coal Gasification for IGCC Power Generation
IEACR/38 Management of By-products from IGCC Power Generation
IEACR/39 Greenhouse Gases, Abatement and Control
IEACR/40 On-line Analysis of Coal
IEACR/41 Power Station Coal Use: Prospects to 2000
IEACR/42 Power Station Refurbishment: Opportunities for Coal
IEACR/43 Emission Standards Handbook: Air Pollutant Standards for Coal-fired Plants
IEACR/44 Advanced Coal Cleaning Technology
IEACR/45 Halogen Emissions from Coal Combustion
IEACR/46 Environmental Impact Assessment for Coal
IEACR/47 Interactions in Emissions Control for Coal-Fired Plants
IEACR/48 Coal Production Prospects in the European Community
IEACR/49 Trace Elements--Emissions from Coal Combustion and Gasification
IEACR/50 Applications for coal-use residues
IEACR/51 Major Coalfields of the World
IEACR/52 Coal Specifications--Impact on Power Station Performance
IEACR/53 Gas Cleaning for Advanced Coal-Based Power Generation
IEACR/54 Coal Supply Prospects in North America
IEACR/55 Advanced Power Generation--A Comparative Study of Design Options
IEACR/56 Fuel Peat -- World Resources and Utilisation
IEACR/57 Sulphur and Coal
IEACR/58 FGD Performance and Experience on Coal-Fired Plants
IEACR/59 Advanced Power Generation from Fuel Cells--Implications for Coal
IEACR/60 Organic Sulphur in Coal
IEACR/61 Inland Transport of Export Coal
IEACR/62 Management of FGD Residues
IEACR/63 Organic Compounds from Coal Utilisation
IEACR/64 Coal Combustion--Analysis and Testing
IEACR/65 FGD Handbook. 2nd edition
IEACR/66 World Coal-Fired Power Stations-North and South America
IEACR/67 World Coal-Fired Power Stations-Africa, Asia and Australasia
IEACR/70 World Coal-Fired Power Stations-Europe and Russia
IEACR/68 Legislation for the Management of Coal-Use Residues
IEACR/69 Developments in Coal-Liquid Mixtures
IEACR/70 (See above.)
IEACR/71 FGD Installations on Coal-Fired Plants
IEACR/72 Understanding Slagging and Fouling During Pf Combustion
IEACR/73 PFBC Residues--Characterisitics, Disposal and Utilisation
IEACR/74 Developments Affecting Metallurgical Uses of Coal
IEACR/75 Environmental Performance of Coal-Fired PFC
IEACR/76 Coalbed Methane Extraction
IEACR/77 Sampling and Analysis of Trace Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Stations
IEACR/78 Developments in Particulate Control for Coal Combustion
IEACR/79 Coal Pulverisers--Performance and Safety
IEACR/80 Coal Mining and Water Quality
IEACR/81 Coal Blending for Power Stations
IEACR/82 Power from Coal--Where to Remove Impurities?
IEACR/83 Suppliers of FGD and NOx Control Systems
IEACR/84 Gas Turbine Developments
IEACR/85 Comparative Underground Coal Mining Methods
IEACR/86 Understanding Coal Gasification
IEACR/87 Advanced Power Systems and Coal Quality
IEACR/88 Pulverised Coal Ash -- Requirements for Utilisation
IEACR/89 Developments in NOx Abatemate and Control
IEACR/90 Cofiring of Coal and Waste
IEACR/91 Gas Control in Underground Coal Mining
IEACR/92 Improving Existing Power Stations to Comply with Emerging Emissions Standards
IEACR/93 Particulate Control Handbook for Coal-Fired Plants
IEACR/94 Continuous Emissions Monitoring for Coal-Fired Power Stations
IEACR/95 Hot Gas Particulate Filtration
IEACR/96 Emissions Standards Handbook Combined purchase with the Emissions Strandards Database on CD-ROM. This contains data used to generate the Handbook with additional information on other emissions.
IEACR/97 NOTE:   Same publications as CR/94; there is NO CR/97 publication
IEACR/98 Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors for Coal the Complete Fuel Cycle
IEACR/99 Experience with Low NOx Burners*

*Publication CR/99 is last item in this CR series (3-10-98).