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The Clean Coal Compendium

The Clean Coal Centre's databases, known collectively as The Clean Coal Compendium, are available via the IEA Coal website and on CD-ROM. The compendium contains the Coal Abstacts database and the eight databases which make up CoalPower4. Coal Abstracts is an abstracts database of the world's literature on coal. CoalPower4 contains details of the world's coal-fired power plants, their individual units, emission control equipment as well as emission standards applicable to these plants.

Standard Internet Service Only

Includes Internet Standard access to the most recent (last 12 months) data on Coal Abstracts and to three of the nine databases on CoalPower4 for $100.00 per year.

Free trial access to The Clean Coal Compendium on the Web.
A limited subset of the data held in The Clean coal Compendium can be viewed online at the IEA website.
Internet access to databases is available only within member countries of IEA Coal Research which include: Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

IEA Coal Emission Standards CD-ROM

Contains emission standards for coal-fired plants in more than 35 countries; international, national and regional standards for particulates, SO2, NOx and other polluntants. This CD MUST be purchased in conjunction with IEACR/96 (the Emissions Standards Handbook publication).

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