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Summary of Canadian Clean Power Coalition Work on CO2 Capture and Storage

AUTHOR: Geoff Morrison
DATE: August 2004

The IEA Clean Coal Centre (IEA CCC) has participated in a series of studies on capture and storage of CO2 organised by the Canadian Clean Power Coalition (CCPC). IEA CCC participated in the CCPC mainly as a cost-effective way of obtaining information on retrofit of CO2 capture to power plants and the effects of coal rank on the costs of capture. This overview summarises the main results from the CCPC studies. The CCPC was set up in mid 2001 by seven Canadian utility companies (ATCO Power, Emera Inc., EPCOR Utilities, Luscar, Ontario Power Generation, SaskPower and TransAlta Utilities). Subsequently IEA Environmental Projects Ltd, on behalf of IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme and the IEA Clean Coal Centre, and EPRI joined the coalition, and the governments of Canada, Alberta and Saskatchewan agreed to provide financial support.

Document may be downloaded from IEA website (located in London).