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NOx Control for Pulverised Coal Fired Power Stations

AUTHOR: Zhangfa Wu
DATE: December 2002

This report reviews NOx control for pulverised coal fired power stations. Legislation for limiting NOx emissions has been introduced or become more stringent in many parts of the world. Emission standards have been met or are to be met by a range of control technologies.

In general, combustion modifications are relatively simple to install and operate, and low in both capital and operating costs. Hence, they are the preferred option in many circumstances requiring moderate NOx reductions. Flue gas treatments generally provide higher NOx reductions than combustion modifications. However, they are more expensive to install and operate, and therefore recommended for more strict NOx control.. Hybrid flue gas treatment/combustion modification provides the potential for highest overall NOx reductions to meet most stringent emission limits. It can also be more cost-effective than a stand-alone technology for the same level of NOx control.