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Matching Gasifiers to Coals

AUTHOR: Anne-Gaelle Collot
DATE: October 2002

The gasification of coal to produce a syngas for use either in power generation or synthesis applications is attracting considerable interest worldwide due to the increasing willingness to develop more efficient and less polluting technologies for the future. This report follows a recent study on Advanced Clean Coal Technologies (CCTs) and low values coals. It concentrates on advanced gasification technologies developed for the production of electricity via Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and for the production/cogeneration of chemicals from all types of coals, including low and high value coals. It reviews in detail fifteen gasification processes based on the three main types of generic gasifiers (entrained flow, fluidised bed and moving bed gasifiers) presently available or under development and discusses their suitability for the use of different types of coals. The report focuses on the impact of some of the major characteristics of coal on the design, performance and maintenance of gasification processes.