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Modelling and Simulation for Coal Gasification

AUTHOR: Ruksana Moreea-Taha
DATE: December 2000

Following a previous report on Coal combustion modelling, this short report covers the recent development in coal gasification modelling and simulation, which is a relatively new field. Generally speaking, mathematical modelling are increasingly being used for understanding the underlying processes during coal combustion and gasification. It is also often used as a predictive tool for predicting pollutant emission, ash deposition etc. The report will cover applications of modelling in various gasifier types such as entrained flow, fluidised bed and moving bed gasifiers as well as in commercial processes such as the integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC). Modelling of variants of fluidised bed gasifiers such as the air blown gasification cycle (ABGC) and entrained flow gasifiers such as the advanced rapid coal hydrogasification (ARCH) will also be described.