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Non-Baseload Operation of Coal-Fired Power Plant

AUTHOR: Rohan Fernando, D McNabb, R Coade, R Coldham, M Mason, D Holmes, D Pham, D Swainsbury, G Goonan, T Johnson, SD Mann
DATE: June 2000

This report examines the issues concerning non-baseload operation of coal-fired power plant. The nature of cyclic demand, issues affecting how coal plant is used for non-baseload operations and how operators assess the costs of non-baseload operations are reviewed. The technical considerations for major components and contributing effects of fuel, water chemistry are also reviewed. The results suggest that system limitations have heavily influenced plant design. The major coal-fired steam plant alternatives are subcritical pressure drum boiler and subcritical and supercritical once-through boiler plant.

It has also been noted that he issue of non-baseload operation is not new and that many of the technical considerations have been resolved. The non-baseload operating problems experienced by different coal-fired power plant technologies and their potential solutions are discussed in the report.


Coal plant operators that contributed to the review included:
ABB-Combustion Engineering, USA; Bayernwerk AG, Germany; China Power and Light, Hong Kong; ESKOM, South Africa; Firm Orgres, Russia; Hong Kong Electric, Hong Kong; National Power plc, United Kingdom; NRG Gladstone Operating Services Pty Ltd, Australia; Ontario Power Generation, Canada; SK Power, Denmark; Southern Company, USA; Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan; Western Power Pty Ltd, Australia