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Opportunities for Coal Preparation to Lower Emissions

AUTHOR: Gordon R Couch
DATE: March 2000

Coal preparation is a well established procedure for upgrading bituminous coals. The objectives are to product products (fuels) within specified ash, sulphur and moisture contents. The preparation process also produces a more consistent fuel.

More than 1 Gt/y of coal is already washed, much of it to near the economic limit of what is possible. However, many coals used for power generation, particularly in countries like china, India, Poland and the Russian Federation, are not washed before use. This report looks at the opportunities in different countries for the increased use of coal preparation and its potential for reducing emissions.

The main opportunities for coal preparation to contribute to a reduction in emissions lie with the bituminous coals not currently washed. The principle impacts would be:

  • a reduction in SO2 emissions;
  • higher thermal efficiencies in coal-fired boilers resulting in reductions in CO2 emissions.

Review of this publication from International Journal of Coal Geology, Jim Hower, Editor.