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Non-OECD Coal-Fired Power Generation - Trends in the 1990s

AUTHOR: Gordon R Couch
DATE: June 1999

Trends in the planning and construction of new coal-fire plants in countries outside the OECD are discussed, covering t he periods 1991-98 and 1999-2005. The factors affecting the choice of technology and the application of emissions control are discussed.

During 1991-98 a total of 100 units were commissioned, together with an estimated 225 in China. These had a total capacity of approximately 100 Gwe, and some 92-95% of this uses pulverised coal combustion with subcritical steam. Only 4-6% uses supercritical steam. Between 1999 and 2005, some 125 units are due to be commissioned, with another 125 in China. These have a total capacity of approximately 75 Gwe. Again, the main technology used is pulverised coal combustions of China and India (at more than 100 Gwe and 30 Gwe respectively) are dominant, other countries are building more than 4 Gwe each of coal-fired capacity. These include Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa and Thailand. The effects of the Asian economic crisis in 1997-98 increase the uncertainties in relation to the timing of the construction of new plant in that area during the next five years.