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IEACCC Coal Research Series Publications

The IEA COAL RESEARCH (IEA-CCC) publication series are reports that provide information and analysis on aspects of coal production and use.

IEACCC/01  Switching to Cheaper Coals for Power Generation
IEACCC/02  Trends in NOx Emissions From Coal Utilisation
IEACCC/03  Coal-Fired Independent Power Production in Developing Countries
IEACCC/04  Adding Value to Coal Cleaning Wastes
IEACCC/05  NOx in Pulverised Coal Combustion
IEACCC/06  East Asia - air pollution control and coal-fired power generation
IEACCC/07  Coal Licensing and Production Tax Regimes
IEACCC/08  PM10/PM2.5 - Emissions and Effects
IEACCC/09  Sampling and Analysis of PM10/PM2.5
IEACCC/10  Coal-Fired Power Station Effluents
IEACCC/11  Air Pollution Control and Coal-Fired Power Generation in the Indian Subcontinent
IEACCC/12  Hot Gas Cleanup of Sulphur, Nitrogen, Minor and Trace Elements
IEACCC/13  Rescue and Emergency Support Services in Underground Coal Mines
IEACCC/14  Competitiveness of Future Coal-Fired Units in Different Countries
IEACCC/15  Experience of Cofiring Waste with Coal
IEACCC/16  Uncontrolled Fires in Coal and Coal Wastes
IEACCC/17  Computers and Air Pollution Control
IEACCC/18  Non-OECD Coal-Fired Power Generation
IEACCC/19  Clean Coal Technology Transfer-CO2 Reduction in Power Generation
IEACCC/20  Coal as an Energy Source
IEACCC/21  Liberalisation of Electricity Markets and Coal Use
IEACCC/22  Trends in the Use of Coal Ash
IEACCC/23  Management of coal Stockpiles
IEACCC/24  Ash Behavior during Combustion and Gasification
IEACCC/25  Coal Research, Development and Demonstration Funding
IEACCC/26  CO2 Reduction-Prospects for Coal
IEACCC/27  Materials for FGD Systems
IEACCC/28  How Coal Properties Influence Emissions
IEACCC/29  Developments in FGD
IEACCC/30  Opportunities for Coal Preparation to Lower Emissions
IEACCC/31  NOx Modelling and Prediction
IEACCC/32  Major Coalfields of the World
IEACCC/33  Non-Baseload Operation of Coal-Fired Power Plant
IEACCC/34  Trace Element Emissions
IEACCC/35  Coke Production and the Impact of Environmental Legislation
IEACCC/36  Modes of Occurrence of Trace Elements in Coal
IEACCC/37  Ceramics for Advanced Power Generation
IEACCC/38  Industrial Coal Use - Prospects for Emissions Reduction
IEACCC/39  Advanced Clean Coal Technologies and Low Value Coals
IEACCC/40  Prevention of Particulate Emissions
IEACCC/41  Prospects for Upgrading Coal-Fired Power Plants
IEACCC/42  Modelling and Simulation for Coal Gasification
IEACCC/43  Hybrid Plants for Coal and Natural Gas Firing
IEACCC/44  Comparative Environmental Standards - Deep Mine and Opencast
IEACCC/45  Ageing of Coal-Fired Power Plants
IEACCC/46  Rapid Analysis of Trace Elements in Coal Utilisation
IEACCC/47  Fuel Cells - Use with coal and Other Solid Fuels
IEACCC/48  Experience from Coal Industry Restructuring
IEACCC/49  Potential for Economic Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Coal-fired Power Generation
IEACCC/50  Market Mechanisms for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
IEACCC/51  Organic Compounds from Coal Utilisation
IEACCC/52  Improving the Competitiveness of Next Generation Coal-Fired Plants
IEACCC/53  Air Pollution Control Costs for Coal-Fired Power Stations
IEACCC/54  Operation of Coal-Fired Plant -- Reducing Costs
IEACCC/55  The Use of Petroleum Coke in Coal-Fired Plant
IEACCC/56  Instrumentation and Control in Coal-Fired Power Plant
IEACCC/57  Metallurgical Coke Production
IEACCC/58  Mercury -- Emissions and Control
IEACCC/59  Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction by Technology Transfer to Developing Countries
IEACCC/60  Prospects for Co-Utilisation of Coal with other Fuels-GHG Emissions Reduction
IEACCC/61  Materials Development for Coal, Biomass and Waste Fuel Plants
IEACCC/62  Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases - Emissions and Control from Coal
IEACCC/63  Coal Quality Assessment - the Validity of Empirical Tests
IEACCC/64  Experience of Indirect Cofiring of Biomass and Coal
IEACCC/65  Matching gasifiers to coals
IEACCC/66  The Koyoto Protocol in 2002 -Opportunties for Coal (free download from IEA website)
IEACCC/67  Coal Upgrading to Reduce CO2 Emissions
IEACCC/68  Prospects for Integrated Air Pollution Control in Pulverised Coal Fired Power Plant
IEACCC/69  NOx Control for Pulverised Coal Fired Power Stations
IEACCC/70  Improving Efficiencies of Coal-Fired Power Plants in Developing Countries
IEACCC/71  Co-utilisation of Coal and Other Fuels in Cement Kilns
IEACCC/72  SO3 Issues for Coal-Fired Plant
IEACCC/73  Developments in Particulate Control
IEACCC/74  Clean Coal Technologies
IEACCC/75  Clean Coal Technologies Roadmaps
IEACCC/76  Understanding Fluidised Bed Combustion
IEACCC/77  Trends in Emission Standrds
IEACCC/78  Prospects for Hydrogen from Coal
IEACCC/79  Sustainable Development in the Production and Use of Coal
IEACCC/80  Upgrading Instrumentation and Control in Coal-Fired Power Plant
IEACCC/81  Clean Fuels from Coal
IEACCC/82  Studying the Structural Chemistry of Coal
IEACCC/83  The Potential for Coal Use in Pakistan
IEACCC/84  Competitive Position of Coal for Power Generation
IEACCC/85  Coal in an Enlarged European Union
IEACCC/86  The Impact of Emissions Trading on the Coal Industry - (free download from IEA website)
IEACCC/87  Coal in China
IEACCC/88  Use of Coal in Direct Ironmaking Processes
IEACCC/89  The Importance of PM10/2.5 Emissions
IEACCC/90  Current Design and Construction of Coal-fired Power Plant
IEACCC/91  Understanding Coal-fired Power Plant Cycles
IEACCC/92  Air Pollution Control Technologies and their Interactions
IEACCC/93  Utilisation of CFBC and IGCC Residues
IEACCC/94  Cement and Concrete - Benefits and Barriers in Coal Ash Utilisation
IEACCC/95  Fundamentals of Pulverised Coal Combustion
IEACCC/96  Land Uses of Coal Fly Ash - Benefits and Barriers
IEACCC/97  Implementing Clean Coal Projects under Kyoto
IEACCC/98  Premium Carbon Products and Organic Chemicals from Coal
IEACCC/99  Coal Full Life Cycles Analysis
IEACCC/100  Online Analysis and Coal-Fired Power Plant
IEACCC/101  Towards Zero Emission Coal-Fired Power Plant
IEACCC/102  Fuels for Biomass Cofiring
IEACCC/103  Use of Coal in Areas of Water Shortage
IEACCC/104  Coalbed Methane Emissions - Capture and Utilisation
IEACCC/105  Chlorine in Coal Combustion and Cofiring
IEACCC/106  Life Extension of Coal-Fired Power Plants
IEACCC/107  RD&D on Coal Use in Australia and the COAL21 Action Plan
IEACCC/108  Implications of forestry carbon offsets for the coal industry
IEACCC/109  International funding sources for major coal investment projects
IEACCC/110  Developments in fluidised bed combustion technology
IEACCC/112  Power projects using methane from coal mines
IEACCC/114  Management of FGD residues
IEACCC/115  Trends in SO2 Emissions
IEACCC/116  Use of PCI in Blast Furnaces
IEACCC/117  Public Attitudes to New Coal-Fired Plant
IEACCC/118  Ash management in coal-fired power plants
IEACCC/119  Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Poland
IEACCC/120  Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in the Czech Republic
IEACCC/121  European legislation (revised LCPD and EU ETS) and coal
IEACCC/122  Trace elements and fly ash utilisation
IEACCC/123  Clean coal technologies for a carbon-constrained world
IEACCC/124  Supply costs for internationally traded coal
IEACCC/125  Post combustion carbon capture from coal fired plants - solvent scrubbing
IEACCC/126  Cofiring of coal and waste fuels
IEACCC/127  Coal supply challenges for China
IEACCC/128  Properties and behaviour of SO2 adsorbents for CFBC
IEACCC/129  Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in India
IEACCC/130  Research & development needs for clean coal deployment
IEACCC/131  Energy security and the role of coal
IEACCC/132  Coal to liquids
IEACCC/133  The Korean Energy Strategy Project
IEACCC/134  Economics of Mercury Control
IEACCC/135  Performance and Risks of Advanced Pulverised Coal Plant
IEACCC/136  Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors for Coal
IEACCC/137  Competitiveness of coal-fired power generation
IEACCC/138  Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Russia
IEACCC/139  Polygeneration from coal
IEACCC/140  Coal gasification
IEACCC/141  Meeting the demand for new coal-fired power plants
IEACCC/142  Economic instruments and clean coal techologies
IEACCC/143  Future developments in IGCC
IEACCC/144  Post-combustion carbon capture - solid sorbents and membranes
IEACCC/145  Impact of emissions legislation on coal-fired power plants
IEACCC/146  Future coal supply prospects
IEACCC/147  Slagging and fouling in coal-fired boilers
IEACCC/148  Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Indonesia
IEACCC/149  IGCC roadmaps for the Asia-Pacific region
IEACCC/150  Efficiency upgrades and partial carbon capture for coal-fired power plants
IEACCC/151  Underground coal gasification
IEACCC/152  Clean coal roadmaps to 2030
IEACCC/154  Good practice for industrial coal-fired boilers
IEACCC/155  Gas turbine technology for syngas/hydrogen in coal-based IGCC

IEACCPC/01  Summary of Canadian Clean Power Coalition Work on CO2 Capture and Storage