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The CAER is not only located in Lexington. Our Outreach and Technical Assistance Coordinator is similar to the familiar agricultural extension agents located throughout Kentucky.

  • Works with local governments on energy efficiency opportunities in cooperation with the Department of Local Government and DEDI.
  • Working with businesses, local governments, and educational entities providing energy-related technical assistance, feasibility studies, and academic research.
  • Promoting lab activities on fossil and alternative energy.
  • Promoting CAER and Kentucky's Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) efforts at local and state events.
  • Energy Education Outreach to schools.
  • Connecting energy entrepreneurs with university and state resources. This encourages technology transfer to occur between research/academic expertise and technology, agriculture, and manufacturing related businesses.



Greg Copley
Outreach and Technical Assistance Coordinator
Greg Copley
University of Kentucky
Center for Applied Energy Research
2540 Research Park Drive
Lexington, KY 40511
Office: 859-257-0200