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Contact: Thomas A. Schubert, MMIS Manager - GIS Analyst

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Kentucky Coal and Clay Mine Maps and Data, 1884 - current

The Mine Map Information Center has for over 31 years operated the Mine Map Repository for the Division of Mine Safety .  This program is sponsored by the U.K. Center for Applied Energy Research in coordination with the OSM's Mine Map Repository in Pittsburgh and is operated out of the facilities of the OMSL.

Information currently available includes:

  • 163,000 paper coal mine maps
  • 180,000 mine records in the corresponding database
  • maps range in date from 1948-current, while the data spans 1884-current
  • office receives all active coal mine maps each year as well as any closure maps
  • receive maps every six months of mines in the proximity of oil and gas wells
  • collection consists mostly of underground mine maps, but many surface mine maps are also on file; also complete record of every surface mine is available
  • coal seam data is maintained for the Commonwealth

If you would like to visit the facility to obtain map information or view the map documents please contact us and make an appointment by email. Certain procedures must be followed to obtain a hardcopy of a mine map, contact us about those procedures before coming in to the office.

Visitors to the facility may obtain printed reports based on database searches or database extracts in digital format. The mine data may be accessed using any possible search criteria as well as location based on USGS topographic maps. If you require an answer to a simple query you may email Thomas A. Schubert that request.

View the Mine Map Information Center Web site to view and/or download the following:

  • Coal mine maps and/or reports
  • Kentucky Coal seams index in ASCII