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CAER Industrial Support

Industrial services include difficult-to-obtain analytical testing, assistance with technical problem solving, and longer-term collaborative research. The Industrial Support Coordinator is a single point-of-contact who evaluates a given problem, recommends a course of action, provides a free-cost estimate, and assures the job is fulfilled quickly.


CAER energy experts are available (and often consulted) for radio, TV, on-line and print media interviews on energy issues in the news. - Communications Contact

Regional Offices

Eastern Kentucky Coordinator extends our reach across the Commonwealth. The purpose of this endeavor is to assist local governments and industry in the development of energy projects by introducing them to the capabilities of the Center as well as the University as a whole.

Teacher Workshops

The CAER holds teach-the-teacher workshops to demonstrate energy experiments that they can in turn teach their students in a classroom setting.

Web Site

The CAER web site is THE one place to find ALL pertinent information related to the lab.

Conferences, Lectures, Short Courses, Seminars, Short Courses, Workshops

CAER Seminars

The Center organizes and hosts energy-related seminars throughout the year.

Distinguished Lectures

The center holds distinguished lectures on energy issues, whose speakers have included: Rick Smalley, Harry Kroto, Edward Teller, Matt Simmons.

Other Hosted Conferences, Workshops and Events

The CAER organizes and hosts many other conferences.

WOCA Conference

The CAER organizes and hosts short courses and workshops.

An ongoing international conference held jointly by the CAER and the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) biennially with approximately 700 attendees. - WOCA Conference

Energy Educational Materials

Ky Ash Ed and CCT Logos
  • Kentucky Ash Education Web Site - A general introduction to what coal combustion by-products are for the general public. The interactive web site provides clear explanations of the issues surrounding coal combustion (by-) products, their potential for beneficial utilization, environmental cleanup, and what the University of Kentucky is doing to study them.
  • Understanding Clean Coal Technologies (CCT) - This web site represents a significant effort directed at educating state officials, legislators and the general public about the benefits of clean coal technologies. Topics covered include: Energy Security and Clean Coal Technologies; Gasification for Electric Power Generation (IGCC); Transportation Fuels from Coal (Coal to Liquids); Synthetic Natural Gas from Coal (SNG); and Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration.
  • 4th Grade Science Experiments for Teachers - Available to any teacher, both on-line and in CD format, are PowerPoint presentations of the experiments that have been performed by researchers at the Scientists in the Classroom program with a local elementary school.

Publications by CAER

  • Bimonthly Newsletters - Energeia is an energy-topic newsletter, begun in 1989 (through 2013), published articles and editorials on all aspects of energy resource development and environmental topics. Its readership was around 7,000.   Real Time is an online feature publication.
  • Brochures on Energy Research at UK - A general round up and description of current energy projects on fossil fuel and renewable energy research throughout the university.
  • CAER Produced CTL Report - Kentucky House Bill 299 - "Report on Coal to Liquids and Synthetic Natural Gas Technologies" has been produced by the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research located in Lexington, KY.
  • CAER Reports and Photo Gallery - CAER produces PR brochures, annual reports and many other types of research reports.
  • Coal Combustion and Gasification Products - a refereed journal, is a unique peer-reviewed journal designed specifically to communicate coal ash research. Launched in 2009, the primary goal of the CAER and ACAA in beginning this endeavor is to bring together research that currently is published in disparate sources.
  • Web Site - Ash Library - In order to learn to use CCBs more efficiently and effectively, research results must be disseminated in a way that makes them readilly available to everyone in the field - industries, academia, governments. Information leads to innovation in industry, but it also leads to questions and ideas that can be answered only with further research. That is why the Ash Library web site was created.
  • Working for You Brochures - CAER's current PR booklet. (PDF)


CAER and the Kentucky Geological Survey maintain a presence at the Kentucky's Dept. for Energy Development and Independence to provide technical advice and consultation on energy-related questions from the public and staff. An employee from CAER and KGS provide technical expertise and information to energy policy makers. This is a serendipitous approach to offering ongoing dialogue between the university and the state.

Social Networking

CAER has a presence on LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter; Podcasts; CAER Blog; and an RSS Feed. - CAER Social Media

Video Casts

CAER's Videos of research projects, press conferences, news interviews and more.


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