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The CAER provides energy outreach to citizens from one end of the Commonwealth to the other. With funding provided by the state, the CAER created 'energy extension' offices in West Liberty (Morgan County) and Henderson (Henderson County), much like the well-known Agriculture Extension Agents, who can be found in each of Kentucky's 120 counties.

Regional Office staff consults and encourage partnerships between groups outside the central part of the state and CAER, along with other UK energy groups. Heading these efforts are Sarah Mardon (Western Kentucky) and Greg Copley (Eastern Kentucky). In their roles as regional energy coordinators, they work with businesses, local governments, and educational entities, providing energy-related technical assistance and outreach.

According to CAER Director Rodney Andrews, "The purpose of the outreach offices are to assist local governments, schools, and industry in the development of energy projects and educate them on the capabilities of the Center, the University, legislative policy, and Governor Beshear's strategy for energy independence."

He continues, "We want people, especially of coal producing counties, to know what the lab and Commonwealth have to offer. The CAER has the capacity to do something simple like run analysis on coal samples, or to engage in long term research projects with small businesses."

With energy news at the forefront of everyday life in America, the Center's staff is there for citizens with concerns and ideas to reach an expert who can answer their questions.

Greg Copley - Eastern Kentucky Regional Representative - Email


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