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Energeia is published on-line four times a year by the University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). The publication features aspects of energy resource development and environmentally related topics.

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Atmospheric Chemistry Research
Rick D. Saylor
Fluidized-Bed Combustion and Energy Production
John M. Stencel
Frank Derbyshire


A Large-Scale Demonstration of a CAER Fine Coal Cleaning Process
B.K. Parekh
Eastern U.S. Oil Shale Development Program at the CAER
Thomas Robl, Aurora Rubel, Scott Carter and Darrell Taulbee
Leonard Peters


Computer Modeling of Bituminous Coal Structure
Gary A. Carlson
Utilization of Landfill Gas
Tim Golden
Harry Enoch


Pyrograf II: New Process Produces Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers
Lerinda Frost
Fluorescence Microscopy for Resource Characterization
Robert Rathbone
Arthur Frank


Carbon Materials for the Future
Brian McEnaney
Ion Beam Analysis
J. David Robertson
Eneo C. Moroni


Hardgrove Grindability Index and Petrology Used as an Enhanced Predictor of Coal Feed Rate
James C. Hower
Optoelectronic Applications of CVD Diamond Films
Charles P. Beetz, Jr.
Wimberly Royster

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Coal Precursor for Activated Carbons
Frank Derbyshire and Brian McEnaney
Direct Coal Liquefaction: Obstacles and Opportunities
Robert Baldwin
Frank Derbyshire


Petrol and Diesel From Coal: British Coal's Liquefaction Process
Geoff Kimber
Natural Oxidation of Coal
Robert Davidson
Industrial On-Line Bulk Analysis of Coal Using Nuclear Techniques
George Vourvopoulas
Editorial - Scientific Supercomputing in Kentucky
John Connolly


Production of High Quality Activated Carbons from Victorian Brown Coal
T.V. Verheyen, P.J. Guy, M.D. Felber and G.J. Perry
Inroads in Characterizing Asphalts
Jack Youtcheff
Editorial - Just Released National Energy Plan
Don Challman
Editorial - Energy's Future Must be Secured Now
Bernie Lee
Editorial - The Need for a Consistent Energy Policy
Don Challman


The Potential of Hydropyrolysis as a Route for Coal Liquefaction
C.E.Snape and C.J. Lafferty
Uses of Vitrinite Reflectance and Fine Coal Texture
G.H. Taylor
Education in Mining Engineering - Modern Methods
Lee Saperstein


Coal Carbonization - Problems and Prospects
John Patrick
Surface Chemistry of Carbons: Its Importance in Carbon-Supported Catalysis and Carbon Gasification
Ljubisa R. Radovic
The effect of eastern European countries' new free-market economies and elimination of state subsidies, on coal exporters and producers
Gordon Couch


Fullerene Research at the CAER and the University of Kentucky
Peter Eklund
Abatement of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Stationary Power Sources
Naveed Ahmed and John Stencel
The Times, They are a Changin' (in computers anyway)
Bill Adkins

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Surface Analysis for Materials Characterization
R. H. Bradley
Toward Organic Desulfurization
Leon Stock
Editorial - Flier in the Ointment
Frank Derbyshire


Is There a Simple Way to Obtain a Significant Increase in Underground Mining Productivity?
J.W.Leonard, Atul Paradkar and John G. Groppo
Column Flotation Results at Powell Mountain Coal Company
Bill Peters
Editorial - The Importance of Funding Coal Cleaning Research
Jack Groppo


Environmental Aspects of Coal Trace Elements
D.J. Swaine
The Selective Activation of Methane
D.L. Trimm
Editorial - A Congressional Staffer's Perspective on Domestic Energy Policy
Nancy Jeffery


Advanced Duct Sorbent Injection Technology for SO2 Control
Frank Burke
Remediation of Acid Drainage through Surface Coating of Pyrite
Bill Evangelou, Agronomy Department
Editorial - One State's Answer to It Energy Problems
Kim Underwood


Formational Mechanism of Framboidal Pyrite on Sulfur Surfaces
Uschi Graham
Possibilities for Oil Shale Development in Morocco
Omar Bekri
Lyle Sindlein


Carbons in Historical Perspective - 2 parts
Harry Marsh and Sheina Ivey
Coal Under the Microscope - Deciphering the Influence of Depositional Environment
Alan Davis
Editorial - The Conference Call
Frank Derbyshire

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Carbons in Historical Perspective - 2 parts
Harry Marsh and Sheina Ivey
Power Station Refurbishment: Opportunities for Coal
David H Scott, IEA Coal Research, London
Editorial - My Turn
Marybeth McAlister


Energy Efficiency within Elf Aquitaine
G. Sarrazine, Director of the Energy Office
Efficient Separation of Fullerenes on Preparative Gel Permeation Chromatography Columns
Mark S. Meier and John Selegue, UK
Editorial - Alternate Use of Fuels - Frank Derbyshire


STM as a Means of Examining Fischer-Tropsch Process
Dr. Kwok-Wai Ng, UK
Development of a Continuous Mild Gasification Process for the Production of Co-Products
Brian Runge
Editorial - Environmental Impact Assessment for Coal
Dr. Tim Jones, IEA Coal Research, London


Fluidized Bed Combustion Studies of Turkish Lignites
Ekrem Ekinci
The Transformation of Wood to Activated Carbon
Marit Jagtoyen and Frank Derbyshire
Editorial - CAER in the Eye of the Hurricane
Tom Lester


Organic Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels: Probes into Macromolecular Structure
Pat Hatcher
Editorial- Breaking through the Glass Ceiling
Millie Dresselhaus


Estimation of Coal Chemical Unit Structure and its Related Studies
Masakatsu Nomura
Fusion Energy - A Challenge to the Carbon Material Scientist
Tim Burchell
Editorial - Staying Afloat
Frank Derbyshire

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Treatment of Spent Potlining in Aluminium Electrolysis, a Major Engineering and Environmental Challenge
Harald A. Oye
Editorial - Refocusing of Economic Efforts Needed for Future Success
Mike Peluso


Estimation of Physical Properties of Hydrocarbons in a Coal-Derived Liquid by a Group Contribution Method
Masaaki Satou and Yuzo Sanada
Beneficiation of Ultrafine and Micronized Coals through Oil Agglomeration
Kenneth Kuehn
Editorial - One-Stop Shopping
Jack Siegel


Glassy Properties of Coal Tar Pitch Materials
Pierre Ehburger
Processing Technology for the Recovery of Fossil Resin, a Value-add Product from Western Coals
Jan Miller
Editorial - Kazakhstanp's Energy Reserves Fueling Hope for the Future
Robert Hemmenway


Rechargable Lithium Batteries -- A New Driving Force for Research and Development
John R. Owen
Dewatering of Fine Coal
B.K. Parekh
Editorial - Changes in Academia Profitable for Society
Charles Wethington


Organic Petrography and Oil Shales
Adrian Hutton The Role of Oil Shales in the Past and the Future of the Israeli Energy Balance with Some Regional Approaches
Tsevi Minster Editorial - Where has all the coal gone?
Harry Marsh


New Nanophase Materials and Catalysts from Laser Pyrolysis
P.C. Eklund, R. Ochoa, S. Bandow
Brunauer, Emmett and Teller - The Personalities Behind the BET Method (Part I)
Burt Davis
Editorial - Man Bytes Dog
Frank Derbyshire

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Biomarker Identification in a Latex Fossil
Leo W. Collins
Brunauer, Emmett and Teller - The Personalities Behind the BET Method (Part II)
Burt Davis
Editorial - Making Allowances: SO2 Emissions Trading
Don Challman


Controlling Sulfur Emissions from Coal Combustion
Tim Jones
Using Water and Dispersed Catalyst for Coal Liquefaction at Low Severity
Chunshan Song
Editorial - Choosing the Right Energy Path
S. William Gouse


The Structure and Oxidation Behavior of the Novel Compound, BC
C.T. Hach and L.E. Jones
Combustion Synthesis of Fullerenes
J. Thomas McKinnon
Editorial - Recycled Plastics as an Energy Source
Eric A. Grulke


Electrostatic Separation of Powdered Materials: Beneficiation of Coal and Fly Ash
Heng Ban, John L. Schaefer and John M. Stencel
Recycled Plastics as an Energy Source
Eric A. Grulke
Editorial - Coal for the Future: Sustainable Development
Mike Musulin, II


Quantification of Nitrogen Forms in Coals
Simon R. Kelemen, Martin L. Gorbaty and Peter J. Kwiatek
Interlaboratory and Intralaboratory Variability in the Analysis of Mercury in Coal
J.Lengyel, M.S. DeVito, R.A. Bilonick
Editorial - New Kids on the (Energy) Block
Marybeth McAlister


The Role of Activated Carbon in Tissue Culture Medium
S.C. Van Winkle and G.S. Pullman
Rosalind E. Franklin Who was She?
Professor Michio Inagaki, edited by Dr. Harry Marsh
Editorial - a la moda
Frank Derbyshire

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The Cannel Coal Industry of Kentucky: A Brief History of Resource Development and Depletion
James C. Hower
Evolution of Pyrograf III(TM): Process Produces Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers Using Coal
Bob Alig
Editorial - The Difference Between Informing and Educating
Richard Lawson


Global Warming - What are the Facts?
Sallie Baliunas
Lignite: A Novel Material for Lowcost Removal and Disposal of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides from Waste Waster
Corinne C. Deibel and Christopher J. Lafferty
Editorial - What Drives Research - Ideas or Funding?
Burt Davis


Trace Elements in Coal
Robert M. Davidson
Lignite Part II: A Novel Material for Low-Cost Removal and Disposal of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides from Waste Water
Corinne C. Deibel and Christopher J. Lafferty
Editorial - We Need Solid Peer Review
William H. Glase


The Use of Cenospheres in Refractories
Richard A. Kruger
Ash Research at the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center
David J. Hassett
Editorial - We Are Running Out of Fly Ash
Tom Robl


Interfacial Properties of Coal: A Guide to Catalyst Loading and Dispersion for Coal Conversion
Godfried Abotsi
Creating "Basic" Carbon Surfaces
Jonathan Phillips
Editorial - Coal - The Most Important Energy Source in China
Maoyu Cheng


Understanding the Chaotic Nature of Flames
M. Pinar Menguc and J. McDonough
A Lesson from Dr. Teller
Marybeth McAlister
Editorial - Forget-me-not (Myosotic sylvatica)
Frank Derbyshire

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Competition in the Electric Power Industry: a Quest for Choice and Growth
B. Sauer
Deregulation and New Challenges to Coal Utilization
W. Bowker


Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes: Quantum Carbon Wires
P. Eklund & A. Rao
Effective Coal Combustion By-product Marketing
C. Miller
Editorial - Global Warming Report: Hot Air
F. Singer


Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis - The CAER Perspective
B. Davis
Current Direct Coal Liquefaction Work at the CAER
E. Givens
Editorial - Some Thoughts on a Book Entitled 'The End of Science'
I. Wende


EleEfficient and Environmentally Sound Use of Our Domestic Coal and Natural Gas Resources
D. Gray and G. Tomlinson


Coal Use and Fly Ash Disposal in Israe
H. Foner and T. Robl
Coal Combustion Byproduct Haulback Today
W. Giles


Disposal of Coal Combustion Byproducts in Underground Coal Mines
T. Gray, T. Kyper, and J. Snodgrass

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Adventures in Surface Science: A Personal History
K. Sing
Molecular Structure and Energetics: A Changing Paradigm
I. Hargittai
Editorial - Unburned Carbon on Fly Ash: A Burning Issue for Coal-Fired Utilities
T. Ruppel and T. Sarkus


Coal Fly Ash: A Retrospective and Future Look
O. Manz
Editorial - Into the Wide Blue Yonder
F. Derbyshire


Activated Carbons from Agricultural Byproducts for Adsorption of Organics and Metals
C. Toles
Emission of Toxic Explosive and Fire Hazardous Gases in Coal Piles Stored Under Atmospheric Conditions - Part 1
S. Grossman and H. Cohen
Editorial - Don't Fear Technology
R. Lawson


In-situ 1H NMR studies on coal and pitch carbonization
John M. Andresen, M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, and Colin E. Snape
Emission of Toxic Explosive and Fire Hazardous Gases in Coal Piles Stored Under Atmospheric Conditions - Part II
Samuel L. Grossman and Haim Cohen
Editorial - Reflecting on the Clean Air Act's Effect on the Coal and Utility Industries
Jim Hower


Selective Surface Flow Carbon Membrane for Gas Separation
Shivaji Sircar
Light Years Ahead
David Baker
Editorial - Steps Toward (EPSCoR) Graduation
John Stencel


Nanotube Composite Carbon Fibers
Apparo M. Rao
CAER Research Funding and Prospects
Frank Derbyshire
Editorial - Food for Thought
Frank Derbyshire

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Thermochemical Process for Utilization of Gypsum and Pyrite Wastes
Daniel Tao
Improving the Utility of ICPMS
Kathryn L. Ackley
Editorial - A Brief History of the UMWA
Dan Reitz


The Science Behind Kyoto: The Role of Universities in the Climate Change Debate (Part I)
William F. O'Keefe
Coal Resource Laws and Taxes: The International Investment Auction
Simon Walker


Exploiting Supercritical Reaction Media in Catalytic Fuels Processing
Bala Subramaniam
The Science Behind Kyoto: The Role of Universities in the Climate Change Debate (Part II)
William F. O'Keefe


Science and Scientists
Kenneth S W Sing
Back to the Future: Hydrogen Production, Now and Then
Catherine E. Gregoire Padro
Editorial - High Five
Frank Derbyshire


Liberalization of Electricity Markets and Coal Use
Katerina Rousaki
Chemical Precipitation of Mercury: Commercial Claims and New Approaches
Kevin R. Henke, Aaron R. Hutchison, Matthew K. Krepps, Matthew M. Matlock and David A. Atwood
Why Worry about Energy? The Sense and Nonsense of it all
David Gray

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The Whole Dam Story: A Review of the China Yangtze Three Gorges Dam (Part I)
Don Challman
Power Up Your Internet
Scott Beveridge


U.S. Electric Utility Coal-Fired Generation: Advance or Retreat in a Changing Environment
Chris Leshock and Patrick Wright
The Whole Dam Story: A Review of the China Yangtze Three Gorges Dam (Part II)
Don Challman


The Pyrolysis Behavior of Victorian Lignite at Elevated Pressures: Contrast to Bituminous Coal
Chun-Zhu Li and Chirag Sathe
Coke at the Start of the Millennium
Richard Sakurovs
The Sun's Energy and Climate Change: "A Grand Absurdity"?
Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon


Practical Working Definition for Materials from Conversion of Coal for Power Production
Debra F. Pflughoeft-Hassett
Gas Transport, Triboelectric Beneficiation Technology Developed at the CAER: A Progress Report
John M. Stencel and James K. Neathery
What They did on Summer Vacation
Marybeth McAlister
Graig Grimes, Recipient of the Derbyshire Professorship
Don Challman

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Energy - Perception Versus Reality (Part II)
Burt Davis
Effective Utilization of Coal-derived Phenolic Chemicals
Chunshan Song and Harold H. Schobert
Announcing Appointment of New CAER Director


Utilization of Coal Combustion By-Products: Determining the Environmental Safety
Ann Kim
Wetland Remediation of Abandoned Mine Drainage in the Loyalhanna Creek Watershed
Caryl L. Fish
Rick Sweigard


A Landmark Paper on Carbon-Supported Catalysts by Frank Derbyshire: The Real Story Revealed (or Obscured?) by the Science Citation Index
Ljubisa R. Radovic
Commentary: Through the Looking Glass
Don Challman


Catalytic Hydrodechlorination: Pollution Abatement Methodology and Serendipitous Route to Ordered Carbon Growth
Mark A. Keane
Putting Young Minds and Hands to Work!
MaryBeth Mcalister


Germany's Synthetic Fuel Industry 1927-1945
Anthony N. Stranges
"Ashes to Energy" - The Coleman Power Plant Ash Recovery Inauguration
MaryBeth Mcalister
Setting Sail - Perspectives from the Director
Ari Geertsema


Good Guesses and Casual Comments: Twists and Turns on the Road to Making Nanotubes
Rodney Andrews and David Jacques
Chemically-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes - Reactivity Drives Research
Mark Meier
Moving Forward
Ari Geertsema

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Market Mechanisms for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
Katerina Rousaki
IEA Coal Research -The Clean Coal Centre
Geoff Morrison
2002 Henry H. Storch Award
Marybeth Mcalister


U.S. Geological Survey's National Coal Resource Assessment: Coal Resources of the Northern and Central Appalachian Basin Coal Regions
Leslie F. Ruppert
Kentucky's Energy Profile and the Need for Research
James C. Cobb


Carbon Fiber Composite Adsorbent Media for Low Pressure Natural Gas Storage
Tim Burchell
Coal's Role in the National Energy Plan
Bill Caylor


Carbon Surface Chemistry in Fly Ash Utilization and the Potential for Ash Beneficiation by Ozone
Robert H. Hurt
The Role of F-400 Granular Activated Carbon in Scavenging Dissoved Copper Ions from Aqueous Solutions
Veena Mustoor
Integrating Research and Education throught Mentoring - Advice from One Who has Do It
Diola Bagayoko


Zero Emission Coal - Competitive, Highly Efficient Electricity Production from even High Sulfur Coals
Alan A. Johnson
Hydrogen Storage on Carbon Nanotubes
Bradley Bockrath
The Scientist versus the Journalist - Meeting a Communication Chasm Head-On
Marybeth McAlister


Highlights of Energy Research at the Kentucky Geological Survey
Jim Drahovzal
Commentary: Celebrations and Expectations
Ari Geertsemar

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Fly Ash Research at Technikon Pretoria, South Africa
J.H. Potgieter
CAER, LG&E Energy Launch Multi-Million Environmental Cleanup Project
Marybeth McAlister
Educational Outreach Pays Off
Marybeth McAlister
The Coal Preparation Society of America - A Mission of Energy Education
Kip Alderman


Nanotubes as Membranes: Predictions of Atomistic Simulations
Zugang Mao, Ki-Ho Lee and Susan B. Sinnott
Coal Education
James Hower


Speciation of Trace Elements in Fossil Fuels and Combustion Byproducts
Frank E. Huggins
Commentary from the Kentucky Public Service Commission
Martin Huelsman


Effect of the Pitch-based Carbon Anode on the Capacity Loss of Lithium-ion Secondary Batteries
Weiming Lu and D.D.L. Chung
Kentucky Coal: America's Strategic Energy Resource
Steve Miller


Coal Mine — Ventilation Air Methane Mitigation: Technologies to Harness an Energy and Environmental Resource
Karl Schultz
Coal Mine Fire — Gas and Condensation Products: Collection Techniques for Laboratory Analysis
Glenn B. Stracher
Jim Hower Wins Thiessen Award
Marybeth McAlister


Exploiting Fly Ash and Other Developments in Concrete Technology and Construction
Michael J. McCarthy
Recent CAER-Organized Meetings
Marybeth McAlister
Taking Stock
Ari Geertsema

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A Carboniferous Icehouse: An Intercontinental Comparison of Mid-Carboniferous Tropical Floras and their Response to Global Climate Change
Cortland F. Eble
Preparing for Future Energy Needs
Dale E. Heydlauff


Predicting the Strength of Compacted Fly Ash Cement-Mixtures for Cattle Feedlots
Michael E. Kalinski and Jose R. Bicudo
Colonial Energy Plan
Richard Wolfe


Prospects for Hydrogen from Coal
Anne-Gaëlle Collot
Scientists in the Classroom: Taking Down the Wall
Marybeth McAlister
The CAER Advisory Board, April 29th Meeting


Corrosion in Concrete and the Role of Fly Ash in Its Mitigation
Tarunjit S. Butalia and Keith Bargaheiser
The World of Coal Ash
David Goss


The Benefical Use of Coal Combustion By-Products (CCBs) at SMCRA-Regulated Coal Mines
Kimery C. Vories
Washability Analysis of Coal using Water Fluidization
K.P. Galvin


Applications of Vegetable Oil Derived Esters as a Diesel Additive
A.K. Dalai
CAER 2005: In Sync with Energy Trends
Ari Geertsema

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Can High-Volatile Bituminous Coals Behave Like Coking Coals?
Maria Mastalerz and Rachel Walker
Mountaintop Mining, Energy and Sustainable Development
J. Steven Gardner


Part I: From Conducting Polymers to Carbon Nanotubes: A Revolution of Sensors Based on Architectural Diversity of the π-Conjugated Structure
Liming Dai
East Kentucky Power Cooperative's Future to Depend on Coal
Roy Palk


The First World of Coal Ash Meeting Held in Lexington
Marybeth McAlister
Part II: From Conducting Polymers to Carbon Nanotubes: A Revolution of Sensors Based on Architectural Diversity of the π-Conjugated Structure
Liming Dai


We Can See Clearer Now!!
Frank Hilty
It's the Right Time ... Again ... for Coal
Janet Gellici


Coal in China
Andrew J. Minchener
Commentary - Recent CAER Achievements: Commonwealth Collaborative; Homeland Security Awards; Award to Reduce Diesel Engine Emissions; Recent Short Course at CAER
Marybeth McAlister


Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Conversion of Syngas to Liquid Hydrocarbons
Alexander A. Khassin
CAER Research News: Two New Researchers Join CAER; Jim Hower presented with Distinguished Service Award
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Refocusing On Energy
Ari Geertsema

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European Legislation in the United Kingdom: A Threat to Coal-Fired Power Station Product Utilization?
Lindon K. A. Sear
Press Coverage - From Nanotubes to Slag: CAER Research Featured in the Media
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Research Directions in Coal Combustion Product Science and Engineering
Jim Hower and Jimmy Knowles


Nanotube Membranes: Super Fast Flow in Very Small Pipes
Rodney Andrews and Bruce Hinds
Bioenergy at CAER
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Energy Research at the University of Kentucky
Wendy Baldwin


Semiconductor Photocatalysis: Still an Active Research Area Despite Barriers to Commercialization
David Devilliers
E.On to Give CAER $1.5 Million
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Remember the Crying Indian?
Marybeth McAlister


Development of the University of Kentucky – Toyota Research Partnership: Monozukuri: PART I
Kozo Saito
Chemistry Professor on Sabbatical at CAER
CAER Director to Take New Position with Ethanol Company
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Focus on Coal Safety
Bill Caylor


Development of the University of Kentucky – Toyota Research Partnership: Monozukuri: PART II
Kozo Saito
Educational Outreach Updates
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Natural Gas in Crisis
Peter Savage


Biomass Conversion to Liquid Fuels and Chemicals
Mark Crocker and Czarena Crofcheck
Environmental and Coal Technologies Group Wins Two Prestigious Awards
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Change is Good
Rodney Andrews

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Spanish Jet: Something More Than a Gemstone with Magical Properties
I. Suarez-Ruiz and M.J. Iglesias
CAER Clean Coal Expertise Highlighted in TV Broadcast
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - What are CCPs?
Dave Goss


Vibracoring: A Method to Sample and Analyze Ponded Coal-Ash
Robert B. Jewell
News Release - The Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration
Thomas N. Feldkamp
News Release - Dr. B.K. Parekh assumed Editor-in-Chief of Coal Preparation Journal
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Commercial Opportunities in the Energy and Environmental Sectors
Joseph Neuhoff, III


Analysis of Devonian Shale in Eastern Kentucky for Carbon Sequestration Possibilities
Brandon C. Nuttall
News Release - Second World of Coal Ash Conference Proves Success of First Not a Fluke!
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Kentuckians Embracing the Knowledge Economy
Sylvia Lovely


CAER's Mine Mapping Program and Kentucky's Mine Mapping Initiative
John Hiett
News Release - New CAER Director Named
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - The University of Kentucy's Center for Applied Energy Research Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Kentucky and Its Flagship University Guide Us to a Sustainable Future through Energy
Lee Todd


Electrochemical Capacitor Carbons
Stephen M. Lipka and Christopher R. Swartz
Commentary - How Did I Get Here?
Brittany Bailey
News Release - CAER Distinguished Lecture - Mr. Matthew Simmons
Marybeth McAlister


Biofuels and Human Feeding
Jorge Laine
We Survived CAER's 30th Anniversary!!
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Why is Mr. Burns being so nice to me?
Rodney Andrews

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Production of Coal-Based Fuels and Value-Added Products: Coal to Liquids Using Petroleum Refinery Streams
Caroline E. Burgess Clifford and Harold H. Schobert
Commentary - Energy Fair to Students
Marybeth McAlister
Annoucement - The Kentucky Ash Education Site
Marybeth McAlister


Will Kentucky Lead the Way in Synthetic Fuels Production? -A History Lesson-
Mike Musulin
News Release - CAER Faculty Associate Thrives
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Center Employee Wins Award
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - A Multi-Pronged Approach to Preparing Science Professionals for the Future
Mark Meier


Improving the Performance of Medical Implants with Carbon Nanotubes
Brock Marrs
Commentary - Bad Energy Policies of the 1990s: We are Still Feeling the Repercussions
Tom Robl
News Release - Energizing Kentucky
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Kentucky Mine mapping Awarded Best Online Service
Marybeth McAlister


Powering the Plant: Where in the World Will Our Energy Come From?
Nathan S. Lewis
Commentary - Energy Policy: Biofuels is a Convenient, if Misunderstood, Whipping Post
Michael Montross
News Release - Employee Kudos
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Biomass to Biofuels: An Overview Short Course
Marybeth McAlister


Using Fly Ash to Mitigate Explosions
Darrell Taulbee
Commentary - Kentucky Program Provides Solutions for National Hometown Security Needs
Ewell Balltrip
News Release - Researchers Receive $1.4 Million in CTL Funding
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - ACAA Seeks Executive Director
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CAER Hosts Successful Biofuels Short Course
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CAER Hosts Successful Biofuels Short Course
Marybeth McAlister


Hydrogen Production by Biomass Gasification in Supercritical Water
Jun Zhang
Energy Road Trip
Indiana Jones and the Cornstarch of Doom
Rodney Andrews
News Release - World of Coal Ash
Marybeth McAlister

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Performance and Risks of Advanced Pulverized-Coal Plants
Hermine Nalbandian
Recent Biomass Test Burn Proves Successful
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2009 Conference
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - West Liberty Open House
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Who Should I Believe?
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Energeia Logo Receives Facelift
Marybeth McAlister


Sowing Fossil Hydrocarbons to Promote Bioenergy
Jorge Laine
Refereed Ash Journal
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2009 Conference
Marybeth McAlister
Forestry and Agriculture Offer Solutions to Environmental Problems
Tom Kimmerer


Adoption of the North Carolina Renewable Portfolio Standard - A Model for Kentucky?
Ivan Urlaub
Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration Meeting
Marybeth McAlister
Spring News - CAER Events
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Washington Should Turn Off Its Air Conditioning
Don Surber


Sustainable Energy and Carbon Recycling through Microalgal Engineering
David Bayless and Ben Stuart
World of Coal Ash 2009
Marybeth McAlister
University of Kentucky Biofuels Laboratory
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Cap and Bill Trade Gets Us Nowhere
Thomas L. Robl


Reclamation of Abandoned Surface Coal Mined Lands Using Flue Gas Desulfurization Products
Liming Chen, Dave Kost and Warren A. Dick
Renewable Energy Event Hosted by CAER - Henderson Algae Symposium
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Crafting Kentucky's Energy Policy
Representative Rocky Adkins


Economical Recovery of Fly Ash-Derived Magnetics AND EVALUATION FOR COAL CLEANING
Jack Groppo and Rick Honaker
Kentucky Coal and Mining Trade Mission in South Africa
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - No One Under Thirty Thinks ...
Rodney Andrews

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A Closer Look at the Smart Grid ... Enabling a Wide Range of Energy Diversity and Energy End-Use Options
Scott Stallard
New Research Facility for the CAER
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Announcing Two New Members to the Carbon Management Research Group
Marybeth McAlister
Biomass to Energy Short Course
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - One Scientist’s OPINION
Darrell Taulbee

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Reclaiming Surface-Mined Land with Award-Winning Results
Michael Munday
Young CAER Engineer Lauded Nationally
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CAER has Joined the Social Neworking Age
Marybeth McAlister
Biomass to Energy Short Course
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Dr. Steve Lipka Becomes Adjunct Assistant Professor
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - If We Protect Watersheds, They Will Take Care of Us
Amanda Gumbert


Carbon Storage Tests by the Kentucky Geological Survey in Western Kentucky - Ownership, Access, and Liability Issues
J. Richard Bowersox and Michael J. Lynch
CAER has Joined the Social Networking Age
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2011 Call for Papers
Marybeth McAlister
Biomass to Energy Short Course - Report
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CCGP Journal Call for Submissions
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Clean Coal Technologies are the Pathway to Sustainable Economic Growth and Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Frank Clemente


Coal Country Beeworks: Creating a Honey Corridor
Tammy Horn
A Visit to Remember
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2011 Call for Papers
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Vence Easterling Performs Successful Emissions Research for Ford
Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CCGP Journal Call for Submissions
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Social Media is No Longer Just Social
Marybeth McAlister


The Fire That Keeps Burning
Jim Hower and Jen O'Keefe
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2011 Call for Papers
Marybeth McAlister
New Kentucky-Argonne Director, Ralph Brodd
Marybeth McAlister
CAER Researchers Working on $2 million "Out of the Box" Grant
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - The Literate Engineer
Marybeth McAlister


Development of an Algae-Based System for CO2 Mitigation from Coal-Fired Power Plants
Mark Crocker and Samuel Morton
News Release - CAER's New Renewable Energy Building - Off to an Exciting Start
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Sitting on the SIDELINES?
Rodney Andrews

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Energeia is Kicking Off 2011 with a Theme Issue About our New Environmentally Friendly Laboratory Building
Marybeth McAlister
Biofuels, Capacitors, and Solar Energy: Research to be Carried Out in the New Laboratory Building (and the Argonne connection)
Biofuels and Bioenergy Research
Mark Crocker
Solar Energy Research, Prototyping and Evaluation
John Anthony
Electrochemical Energy Storage Research
Steve Lipka
Argonne-South's Participation
Ralph Brodd
Kentucky Energy Club
News Release - 8th International Conference on Concrete in the Low Carbon Era
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - A Challenge Met
Tim Murphy and Kevin Mussler


Design + Energy = INNOVATION
Michael Speaks
CAER's Annual Energy Fair Succeeds: with help from new Kentucky Energy Club
Marybeth McAlister
World of Coal Ash Short Course - The Science of Ash Utilization
Marybeth McAlister
Russell Cave Elementary and the CAER
Julie Jones


A Cubic Mile of Oil
Ripudaman Malhotra
Former CAER Student Returns in Role of Energy Program Coordinator
Marybeth McAlister
Math Counts
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
Marybeth McAlister


Management of Coal Ash Disposal and Household Trash - Do they need to be Different?
Lisa J.N. Bradley
Conference in the Mile-High City
Marybeth McAlister
IBA 32nd Biennial Conference
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - In Hard Times, Bring your Professional Association Home
Marsha Wilson


What Kentucky Can Do to Lower its Massive Carbon Footprint
Jim Neathery
CAER Holds Two Major Press Conferences Three Weeks Apart
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - The Best the 1800's had to Offer
Rodney Andrews

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The UK Tracy Farmer Institute for Sustainability and the Environment
Carol Hanley
Energy Fair
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - University of Kentucky Launches Flagship Energy Awareness Program
Shane Tedder


Getting Your Coal Mine Permit(s) in Kentucky
Michael Munday
CAER/Minova/DHS Press Conference Shows Off New Product
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - The Trials, Frustrations, and Issues Related to Getting a Permit for Mining
Steve Gardner CAER Director Joins UK President and Top UK Administators in China
Marybeth McAlister
Associate Director Don Challman Makes Two Trips to China
Marybeth McAlister


Fracture Stimulation of Shale Gas Wells - Is it Dangerous?
Brandon Nuttall
Revealing New Energy in a New CAER Building
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - What does the public think about energy, or does it?
Marybeth McAlister Dr. Burt Davis Selected as 2013 ACS Energy & Fuels Division Distinguished Researcher Award in Petroleum Chemistry
Marybeth McAlister


It's Been Described as the New Silk Road - Why China is Important to America's Energy Future
Don Challman
"Power UP" Provides Energy Education Resources to Teachers and Students
Marybeth McAlister
Western Kentucky High School Students Learn about Energy from CAER Scientists
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - What happens if we miss the werewolf?
Rodney Andrews Carbon Capture 101 Workshop
Marybeth McAlister
2013 World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA)
Marybeth McAlister

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Tekcrete: a Solution for Mine Safety and National Security
Bob Jewell and Anne Oberlink
High School Students' CAER-mentored Projects Win at Recent Science Fairs
Marybeth McAlister
Math DOES Count
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Kentucky's Energy Economics
Len Peters


The Founders and Innovators of Catalysis Science - Paul Emmett, Edward Teller, Geoffrey Wilkinson, Edith Marie Flanigen, Gabor Somorjai, Gehard Ertl, Keith Hall, Robert Grubbs
Burt Davis
WOCA 2013
Marybeth McAlister
CAER Expands Briquetting and Binder Development
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Economic Development in Eastern Kentucky Requires Integration of Energy Resources
Roger Ford CAER Spring Filled with Student Tours
Marybeth McAlister

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