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Energeia Volumes 20-24

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Volume 20-6
(November-December, 2009)
Economical Recovery of Fly Ash-Derived Magnetics and Evaluation for Coal Cleaning Jack Groppo and Rick Honaker
Kentucky Coal and Mining Trade Mission in South Africa Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - No One Under Thirty Thinks ... Rodney Andrews
Volume 20-5
(September-October, 2009)
Reclamation of Abandoned Surface Coal Mined Lands Using Flue Gas Desulfurization Products Liming Chen, Dave Kost and Warren A. Dick
Renewable Energy Event Hosted by CAER - Henderson Algae Symposium Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Crafting Kentucky's Energy Policy Representative Rocky Adkins
Volume 20-4
(July-August, 2009)
Sustainable Energy and Carbon Recycling through Microalgal Engineering David Bayless and Ben Stuart
World of Coal Ash 2009 Marybeth McAlister
University of Kentucky Biofuels Laboratory Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Cap and Bill Trade Gets Us Nowhere Thomas L. Robl
Volume 20-3
(May-June, 2009)
Adoption of the North Carolina Renewable Portfolio Standard - A Model for Kentucky? Ivan Urlaub
Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration Meeting Marybeth McAlister
Spring News - CAER Events Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Washington Should Turn Off Its Air Conditioning Don Surber
Volume 20-2
(March-April, 2009)
Sowing Fossil Hydrocarbons to Promote BIOENERGY Jorge Laine
Refereed Ash Journal Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash Conference Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Forestry and Agriculture Offer Solutions to Environmental Problems Tom Kimmerer
Volume 20-1
(January-February, 2009)
Performance and Risks of Advanced Pulverized-Coal Plants Hermine Nalbandian
Recent Biomass Test Burn Proves Successful Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2009 Conference Marybeth McAlister
News Release - West Liberty Open House Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Who should I Believe? Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Energeia Logo Receives Facelift Marybeth McAlister
Volume 21-6
(November-December, 2010)
Development of an Algae-Based System for CO2 Mitigation from Coal-Fired Power Plants Mark Crocker and Samuel Morton
News Release - CAER's New Renewable Energy Building - Off to an Exciting Start Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Sitting on the SIDELINES? Rodney Andrews
Volume 21-5
(September-October, 2010)
The Fire That Keeps Burning Jim Hower and Jen O'Keefe
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2011 Call for Papers Marybeth McAlister
New Kentucky-Argonne Director, Ralph Brodd Marybeth McAlister
CAER Researchers Working on $2 million "Out of Box" Grant Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - The Literate Engineer Michael Munday
Volume 21-4
(July-August, 2010)
Coal Country Beeworks: Creating a Honey Corridor Tammy Horn
A Visit to Remember Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2011 Call for Papers Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CCGP Journal Call for Submissions Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Vence Easterling Performs Successful Emissions Research for Ford Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Social Media is No Longer Just Social Marybeth McAlister
Volume 21-3
(May-June, 2010)
Carbon Storage Tests by the Kentucky Geological Survey in Western Kentucky - Ownership, Access, and Liability Issues J. Richard Bowersox and Michael J. Lynch
CAER has Joined the Social Networking Age Marybeth McAlister
News Release - World of Coal Ash 2011 Call for Papers Marybeth McAlister
Biomass to Energy Short Course - Report Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CCGP Journal Call for Submissions Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Clean Coal Technologies are the Pathway to Sustainable Economic Growth and Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions Frank Clemente
Volume 21-2
(March-April, 2010)
Reclaiming Surface-Mined Land with Award-Winning Results Michael Munday
Young CAER Engineer Lauded Nationally Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CAER has Joined the Social Networking Age Marybeth McAlister
Biomass to Energy Short Course Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Dr. Steve Lipka Becomes Adjunct Assistant Professor Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - If We Protect Watersheds, They Will Take Care of Us Amanda Gumbert
Volume 21-1
(January-February, 2010)
A Closer Look at the Smart Grid ... Enabling a Wide Range of Energy Diversity and Energy End-Use Options Scott Stallard
New Research Facility for the CAER Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Announcing Two New Members to the Carbon Management Research Group Marybeth McAlister
Biomass to Energy Short Course Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - One Scientist's OPINION Darrell Taulbee
Volume 22-5
(September-October, 2011)
What Kentucky Can Do To Lower Its Massive Carbon Footprint Jim Neathery
CAER Holds Two Major Press Conferences Three Weeks Apart Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - The Best the 1800's had to Offe Rodney Andrews
Volume 22-4
(July-August, 2011)
Management of Coal Ash Disposal and Household Trash - Do they need to be Different? Lisa J.N. Bradley
Conference in the Mile-High City Marybeth McAlister
IBA 32nd Biennial Conference Annoucement Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - In Hard Times, Bring your Professional Association Home Marsha Wilson
Volume 22-3
(May-June, 2011)
A Cubic Mile of Oil Ripudaman Malhotra
Former CAER Student Returns in Role of Energy Program Coordinator Marybeth McAlister
Math Counts - CAER Events Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Marybeth McAlister
Volume 22-2
(March-April, 2011)
Design + Energy = INNOVATION Michael Speaks
CAER's Annual Energy Fair Succeeds: with help from new Kentucky Energy Club Marybeth McAlister
World of Coal Ash Short Course - The Science of Ash Utilization Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Russell Cave Elementary and the CAER Julie Jones
Volume 22-1
(January-February, 2011)
Energeia is Kicking Off 2011 with a Theme Issue About our New Environmentally Friendly Laboratory Building Marybeth McAlister
Biofuels, Capacitors, and Solar Energy: Research to be Carried Out in the New Laboratory Building (and the Argonne connection) Various Authors
Biofuels and Bioenergy Research Mark Crocker
Solar Energy Research, Prototyping and Evaluation John Anthony
Electrochemical Energy Storage Research Steve Lipka
Argonne-South's Participation Ralph Brodd
Kentucky Energy Club Marybeth McAlister
New Release - 8th International Conference on Concrete in the Low Carbon Era Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - A Challenge Met Tim Murphy and Kevin Mussler
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Volume 23-4
It's Been Described as the New Silk Road - Why China is Important to America's Energy Future Don Challman Issuu 23.4
"Power UP" Provides Energy Education Resources to Teachers and Students Marybeth McAlister  
Western Kentucky High School Students Learn about Energy from CAER Scientists Marybeth McAlister  
Commentary - What happens if we miss the werewolf? Rodney Andrews  
Carbon Capture 101 Workshop Marybeth McAlister  
2013 World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA) Marybeth McAlister  
Volume 23-3
Fracture Stimulation of Shale Gas Wells - Is it Dangerous? Brandon Nuttall Issuu 23.3
Revealing New Energy in a New CAER Building Marybeth McAlister  
Commentary - What does the public think about energy, or does it? Marybeth McAlister, Energeia Editor  
Dr. Burt Davis Selected as 2013 ACS Energy & Fuels Division Distinguished Researcher Award in Petroleum Chemistry News - Marybeth McAlister  
Carbon Capture 101 Workshop News - Marybeth McAlister  
Volume 23-2
Getting Your Coal Mine Permit(s) in Kentucky Michael Munday Issuu 23.2
CAER/Minova/DHS Press Conference Shows Off New Product Marybeth McAlister  
Commentary - The Trials, Frustrations, and Issues Related to Getting a Permit for Mining Steve Gardner  
CAER Director Joins UK President and Top UK Administators in China Marybeth McAlister  
Associate Director Don Challman Makes Two Trips to China Marybeth McAlister  
Volume 23-1
The UK Tracy Farmer Institute for Sustainability and the Environment Carol Hanley
Energy Fair Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - University of Kentucky Launches Flagship Energy Awareness Program Shane Tedder
Volume 24-3
The Founders and Innovators of Catalysis Science, Part 2 Burt Davis
Record Breaking Catalysis Conference Organized by CAER Researchers Marybeth McAlister
Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration 33rd Biennial Technical Conference Marybeth McAlister
CAER selected for National Energy Technology Laboratory $3 million project Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Why EPSCoR Matters Jeff Mossey
Volume 24-2
The Founders and Innovators of Catalysis Science
Paul Emmett, Edward Teller, Geoffrey Wilkinson, Edith Marie Flanigen, Gabor Somorjai, Gehard Ertl, Keith Hall, Robert Grubbs
Burt Davis
WOCA 2013 Marybeth McAlister
CAER Expands Briquetting and Binder Development Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Economic Development in Eastern Kentucky Requires Integration of Energy Resources Roger Ford
CAER Spring Filled with Student Tours Marybeth McAlister
Volume 24-1
Tekcrete: a Solution for Mine Safety and National Security Bob Jewell and Anne Oberlink
High School Students' CAER-mentored Projects Win at Recent Science Fairs Marybeth McAlister
Math DOES Count Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Kentucky's Energy Economics Len Peters

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