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Volume 11-5
Sept.-Oct. 2000
Energy - Perception Versus Reality (Part I) Burt Davis
Graig Grimes, recipient of the Derbyshire Professorship Don Challman
Volume 11-4
July-Aug., 2000
Practical Working Definition for Materials from Conversion of Coal for Power Production Debra F. Pflughoeft-Hassett
Gas Transport, Triboelectric Beneficiation Technology Developed at the CAER: A Progress Report John M. Stencel and James K. Neathery
Editorial - What They did on Summer Vacation Marybeth McAlister
Volume 11-3
May-June, 2000
The Pyrolysis Behavior of Victorian Lignite at Elevated Pressures: Contrast to Bituminous Coal Chun-Zhu Li and Chirag Sathe
Coke at the Start of the Millennium Richard Sakurovs
Editorial - The Sun's Energy and Climate Change: "A Grand Absurdity"? Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon
Volume 11-2
Mar.-Apr., 2000
US. Electric Utility Coal-Fired Generation: Advance or Retreat in a Changing Environment? Chris Leshock and Patrick Wright
The Whole Dam Story: A Review of the China Yangtze Three Gorges Dam (Part II) Don Challman
Volume 11-1
Jan.-Feb., 2000
The Whole Dam Story: A Review of the China Yangtze Three Gorges Dam (Part I) Don Challman
Power Up Your Internet Scott Beveridge
Volume 11-1
The Whole Dam Story: A Review of the China Yangtze Three Gorges Dam (Part I and Part II) Don Challman
Volume 12-6
(Nov.-Dec., 2001)
Good Guesses and Casual Comments: Twists and Turns on the Road to Making Nanotubes Rodney Andrews and David Jacques
Chemically-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes - Reactivity Drives Research Mark Meier
Moving Forward Ari Geertsema
Volume 12-5
Sept.-Oct., 2001
Germany's Synthetic Fuel Industry 1927-1945 Anthony N. Stranges
"Ashes to Energy" - The Coleman Power Plant Ash Recovery Inauguration Marybeth Mcalister
Setting Sail - Perspectives from the Director Ari Geertsema
Volume 12-4
July-August, 2001
Catalytic Hydrodechlorination: Pollution Abatement Methodology and Serendipitous Route to Ordered Carbon Growth Mark A. Keane
Putting Young Minds and Hands to Work! MaryBeth Mcalister
Volume 12-3
May-June, 2001
A Landmark Paper on Carbon-Supported Catalysts by Frank Derbyshire: The Real Story Revealed (or Obscured?) by the Science Citation Index Ljubisa R. Radovic
Commentary: Through the Looking Glass Don Challman
Volume 12-2
Mar.-April., 2001
Utilization of Coal Combustion By-Products: Determining the Environmental Safety Ann Kim
Wetland Remediation of Abandoned Mine Drainage in the Loyalhanna Creek Watershed Caryl L. Fish
Commentary Rick Sweigard
Volume 12-1
Jan.-Feb., 2001
Energy - Perception Versus Reality (Part II) Burt Davis
Effective Utilization of Coal-derived Phenolic Chemicals Chunshan Song and Harold H. Schobert
Announcing Appointment of New CAER Director  
Volume 13-6
Nov.-Dec., 2002)
Highlights of Energy Research at the Kentucky Geological Survey Jim Drahovzal
Commentary: Celebrations and Expectations Ari Geertsema
Volume 13-5
Sept.-Oct., 2002)
Zero Emission Coal - Competitive, Highly Efficient Electricity Production from even High Sulfur Coals Alan A. Johnson
Hydrogen Storage on Carbon Nanotubes Bradley Bockrath
The Scientist versus the Journalist Meeting a Communication Chasm Head-On Marybeth McAlister
Volume 13-4
(July-August, 2002)
Carbon Surface Chemistry in Fly Ash Utilization and the Potential for Ash Beneficiation by Ozone Robert H. Hurt
The Role of F-400 Granular Activated Carbon in Scavenging Dissolved Copper Ions from Aqueous Solutions Veena Mustoor
Integrating Research and Education through Mentoring - Advice from One Who has Done it. Diola Bagayoko
Volume 13-3
May-June, 2002
Carbon Fiber Composite Adsorbent Media for Low Pressure Natural Gas Storage Tim Burchell
Coal's Role in the National Energy Plan Bill Caylor
Volume 13-2
Mar.-April, 2002
U.S. Geological Survey’s National Coal Resource Assessment: Coal Resources of the Northern and Central Appalachian Basin Coal Regions Leslie F. Ruppert
Kentucky’s Energy Profile and the Need for Research James C. Cobb
Volume 13-1
Jan.-Feb., 2002
Market Mechanisms for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Katerina Rousaki
IEA Coal Research -The Clean Coal Centre Geoff Morrison
2002 Henry H. Storch Award Marybeth Mcalister
Volume 14-6
(November-December, 2003)
Exploiting Fly Ash and Other Developments in Concrete Technology and Construction Michael J. McCarthy
Recent CAER-Organized Meetings Marybeth McAlister
Taking Stock Ari Geertsema
Volume 14-5
(September-October, 2003)
Coal Mine — Ventilation Air Methane Mitigation: Technologies to Harness an Energy and Environmental Resource Karl Schultz
Coal Mine Fire — Gas and Condensation Products: Collection Techniques for Laboratory Analysis Glenn B. Stracher
Jim Hower Wins Thiessen Award Marybeth McAlister
Volume 14-4
(July-August, 2003)
Effect of the Pitch-based Carbon Anode on the Capacity Loss of Lithium-ion Secondary Batteries Weiming Lu and D.D.L. Chung
Kentucky Coal: America's Strategic Energy Resource Steve Miller
Volume 14-3
(May-June, 2003)
Speciation of Trace Elements in Fossil Fuels and Combustion Byproducts Frank E. Huggins
Commentary from the Kentucky Public Service Commission Martin Huelsman
Volume 14-2
(Mar.-Apr., 2003)
Nanotubes as Membranes: Predictions of Atomistic Simulations Zugang Mao, Ki-Ho Lee, Susan B. Sinnott
Coal Education James Hower
Volume 14-1
(Jan.-Feb., 2003)
Fly Ash Research at Technikon Pretoria, South Africa J.H. Potgieter
CAER, LG&E Energy Launch Multi-Million Environmental Cleanup Project Marybeth McAlister
Educational Outreach Pays Off Marybeth Mcalister
The Coal Preparation Society of America Kip Alderman
Volume 15-6
(November-December, 2004)
Applications of Vegetable Oil Derived Esters as a Diesel Additive A.K. Dalai
CAER 2005: In Sync with Energy Trends Ari Geertsema
Volume 15-5
(September-October, 2004)
The Benefical Use of Coal Combustion By-Products (CCBs) at SMCRA-Regulated Coal Mines Kimery C. Vories
Washability Analysis of Coal using Water Fluidization K.P. Galvin
Volume 15-4
(July-August, 2004)
Corrosion in Concrete and the Role of Fly Ash in Its Mitigation Tarunjit S. Butalia and Keith Bargaheiser
The World of Coal Ash David Goss
Volume 15-3
(May-June, 2004)
Prospects for Hydrogen from Coal Anne-Gaëlle Collot
Scientists in the Classroom: Taking Down the Wall Marybeth McAlister
The CAER Advisory Board, April 29th Meeting  
Volme 15-2
(March-April, 2004)
Predicting the Strength of Compacted Fly Ash Cement-Mixtures for Cattle Feedlots Michael E. Kalinski and Jose R. Bicudo
Colonial Energy Plan Richard Wolfe
Volume 15-1
(January-February, 2004)
A Carboniferous Icehouse: An Intercontinental Comparison of Mid-Carboniferous Tropical Floras and their Response to Global Climate Change Cortland F. Eble
Preparing for Future Energy Needs Dale E. Heydlauff
Volume 16-6
(November-December, 2005)
Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Conversion of Syngas to Liquid Hydrocarbons Alexander A. Khassin
CAER Research News: Two New Researchers Join CAER; Jim Hower presented with Distinguished Service Award Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Refocusing On Energy Ari Geertsema
Volume 16-5
(September-October, 2005)
Coal in China Andrew J. Minchener
Commentary - Recent CAER Achievements: Commonwealth Collaborative; Homeland Security Awards; Award to Reduce Diesel Engine Emissions; Recent Short Course at CAER Marybeth McAlister
Volume 16-4
(July-August, 2005)
We Can See Clearer Now!! Frank Hilty
It's the Right Time ... Again ... for Coal Janet Gellici
Volume 16-3
(May-June, 2005)
The First World of Coal Ash Meeting Held in Lexington Marybeth McAlister
Part II: From Conducting Polymers to Carbon Nanotubes: A Revolution of Sensors Based on Architectural Diversity of the π-Conjugated Structure Liming Dai
Volume 16-2
(March-April, 2005)
Part I: From Conducting Polymers to Carbon Nanotubes: A Revolution of Sensors Based on Architectural Diversity of the π-Conjugated Structure Liming Dai
East Kentucky Power Cooperative's Future to Depend on Coal Roy Palk
Volume 16-1
(January-February, 2005)
Can High-Volatile Bituminous Coals Behave Like Coking Coals? Maria Mastalerz and Rachel Walker
Mountaintop Mining, Energy and Sustainable Development J. Steven Gardner
Volume 17-6
(November-December, 2006)
Biomass Conversion to Liquid Fuels and Chemicals Mark Crocker and Czarena Crofcheck
Environmental and Coal Technologies Group Wins Two Prestigious Awards Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Change is Good Rodney Andrews
Volume 17-5
(September-October, 2006)
Development of the University of Kentucky – Toyota Research Partnership: Monozukuri: PART II Kozo Saito
Educational Outreach Updates Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Natural Gas in Crisis Peter Savage
Volume 17-4
(July-August, 2006)
Development of the University of Kentucky – Toyota Research Partnership: Monozukuri: PART I Kozo Saito
Chemistry Professor on Sabbatical at CAER
CAER Director to Take New Position with Ethanol Company
Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Focus on Coal Safety Bill Caylor
Volume 17-3
(May-June, 2006)
Semiconductor Photocatalysis: Still an Active Research Area Despite Barriers to Commercialization David Devilliers
E.On to Give CAER $1.5 Million Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Remember the Crying Indian? Marybeth McAlister
Volume 17-2
(March-April, 2006)
Nanotube Membranes: Super Fast Flow in Very Small Pipes Rodney Andrews and Bruce Hinds
Bioenergy at CAER Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Energy Research at the University of Kentucky Wendy Baldwin
Volume 17-1
(January-February, 2006)
European Legislation in the United Kingdom: A Threat to Coal-Fired Power Station Product Utilization? Lindon K. A. Sear
Press Coverage - From Nanotubes to Slag: CAER Research Featured in the Media Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Research Directions in Coal Combustion Product Science and Engineering Jim Hower and Jimmy Knowles
Volume 18-6
(November-December, 2007)
Biofuels and Human Feeding Jorge Laine
We Survived CAER's 30th Anniversary!! Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Why is Mr. Burns being so nice to me? Rodney Andrews
Volume 18-5
(September-October, 2007)
Electrochemical Capacitor Carbons Stephen M. Lipka and Christopher R. Swartz
Commentary - How Did I Get Here? Brittany Bailey
News Release - CAER Distinguished Lecture - Mr. Matthew Simmons Marybeth McAlister
Volume 18-4
(July-August, 2007)
CAER's Mine Mapping Program and Kentucky's Mine Mapping Initiative John Hiett
News Release - New CAER Director Named Marybeth McAlister
News Release - The University of Kentucy's Center for Applied Energy Research Celebrates its 30th Anniversary Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Kentucky and Its Flagship University Guide Us to a Sustainable Future through Energy Lee Todd
Volume 18-3
(May-June, 2007)
Analysis of Devonian Shale in Eastern Kentucky for Carbon Sequestration Possibilities Brandon C. Nuttall
News Release - Second World of Coal Ash Conference Proves Success of First Not a Fluke! Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Kentuckians Embracing the Knowledge Economy Sylvia Lovely
Volume 18-2
(March-April, 2007)
Vibracoring: A Method to Sample and Analyze Ponded Coal-Ash Robert B. Jewell
News Release - The Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration Thomas N. Feldkamp
News Release - Dr. B.K. Parekh assumed Editor-in-Chief of Coal Preparation Journal Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - Commercial Opportunities in the Energy and Environmental Sectors Joseph Neuhoff, III
Volume 18-1
(January-February, 2007)
Spanish Jet: Something More Than a Gemstone with Magical Properties I. Suarez-Ruiz and M.J. Iglesias
CAER Clean Coal Expertise Highlighted in TV Broadcast Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - What are CCPs? Dave Goss
Volume 19-6
(November-December, 2008)
Hydrogen Production by Biomass Gasification in Supercritical Water Jun Zhang
Energy Road Trip UK CAER Staff
Commentary - Indiana Jones and the Cornstarch of Doom Rodney Andrews
News Release - World of Coal Ash Conference Announcement Marybeth McAlister
Volume 19-5
(September-October, 2008)
Using Fly Ash to Mitigate Explosions Darrell Taulbee
Commentary - Kentucky Program Provides Solutions for National Hometown Security Needs Ewell Balltrip
News Release - Researchers Receive $1.4 Million in CTL Funding Marybeth McAlister
News Release - ACAA Seeks Executive Director Marybeth McAlister
News Release - CAER Hosts Successful Biofuels Short Course Marybeth McAlister
News Release - c Marybeth McAlister
Volume 19-4
(July-August, 2008)
Powering the Plant: Where in the World Will Our Energy Come From? Nathan S. Lewis
Commentary - Energy Policy: Biofuels is a Convenient, if Misunderstood, Whipping Post Michael Montross
News Release - Employee Kudos Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Biomass to Biofuels: An Overview Short Course Marybeth McAlister
Volume 19-3
(May-June, 2008)
Improving the Performance of Medical Implants with Carbon Nanotubes Brock Marrs
Commentary - Bad Energy Policies of the 1990s: We are Still Feeling the Repercussions Tom Robl
News Release - Energizing Kentucky Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Kentucky Mine mapping Awarded Best Online Service Marybeth McAlister
Volume 19-2
(March-April, 2008)
Will Kentucky Lead the Way in Synthetic Fuels Production? -A History Lesson Mike Musulin
News Release - CAER Faculty Associate Thrives Marybeth McAlister
News Release - Center Employee Wins Award Marybeth McAlister
Commentary - A Multi-Pronged Approach to Preparing Science Professionals for the Future Mark Meier
Volume 19-1
(January-February, 2008)
Production of Coal-Based Fuels and Value-Added Products: Coal to Liquids Using Petroleum Refinery Streams Caroline E. Burgess Clifford and Harold H. Schobert
Commentary - Energy Fair to Students Marybeth McAlister
Announcement - The Kentucky Ash Education Site Marybeth McAlister


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