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Energeia Volumes 1-10

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Volume 1-6
Nov.-Dec., 1990
Hardgrove Grindability Index and Petrology Used as an Enhanced Predictor of Coal Feed Rate J. Hower
Optoelectronic Applications of CVD Diamond Films C. Beetz
Editorial W. Royster
Volume 1-5
Sept.-Oct., 1990
Carbon Materials for the Future B. McEnaney
Ion Beam Analysis J. Robertson
Editorial E. Moroni
Volume 1-4
July-Aug., 1990
Pyrograf II: New Process Produces Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers L. Frost
Fluorescence Microscopy for Resource Characterization R. Rathbone
Editorial A. Frank
Volume 1-3
May-June, 1990
Computer Modeling of Bituminous Coal Structure G. Carlson
Utilization of Landfill Gas T. Golden
Editorial H. Enoch
Volume 1-2
Mar.-Apr., 1990
A Large-Scale Demonstration of a CAER Fine Coal Cleaning Process B. Parekh
Eastern U.S. Oil Shale Development Program at the CAER T. Robl, A. Rubel, S. Carter, D. Taulbee
Editorial L. Peters
Volume 1-1
Jan.-Feb., 1990
Atmospheric Chemistry Research R. Saylor
Fluidized-Bed Combustion and Energy Production J. Stencel
Editorial F. Derbyshire
Volume 2-6
Nov.-Dec., 1991
Fullerene Research at the CAER and the University of Kentucky P. Eklund
Abatement of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Stationary Power Sources N. Ahmed and J. Stencel
The Times, They are a Changin' (in computers anyway) B. Adkins
Volume 2-5
Sept.-Oct., 1991
Coal Carbonization - Problems and Prospects J. Patrick
Surface Chemistry of Carbons: Its Importance in Carbon-Supported Catalysis and Carbon Gasification L. Radovic
Editorial - The effect of eastern European countries' new free-market economies and elimination of state subsidies, on coal exporters and producers G. Couch
Volume 2-4
July-Aug., 1991
The Potential of Hydropyrolysis as a Route for Coal Liquefaction C. Snape
Uses of Vitrinite Reflectance and Fine Coal Texture G.H. Taylor
Editorial - Education in Mining Engineering - Modern Methods L. Saperstein
Volume 2-3
May-June, 1991
Production of High Quality Activated Carbons from Victorian Brown Coal T. Verheyen, P. Guy, M. Felber and G. Perry
Inroads in Characterizing Asphalts J. Youtcheff
Editorial - The Need for a Consistent Energy Policy
Editorial - Energy's Future Must be Secured Now
D. Challman
B. Lee
Volume 2-2
Mar.-Apr., 1991
Petrol and Diesel From Coal: British Coal's Liquefaction Process G. Kimber
Natural Oxidation of Coal R. Davidson
Editorial - Scientific Supercomputing in Kentucky J. Connolly
Volume 2-1
Jan.-Feb., 1991
Coal Precursor for Activated Carbons F. Derbyshire and B. McEnaney
Direct Coal Liquefaction: Obstacles and Opportunities R. Baldwin
Editorial F. Derbyshire
Volume 3-6
Nov.-Dec., 1992
Carbons in Historical Perspective - 2 parts H. Marsh
Coal Under the Microscope - Deciphering the Influence of Depositional Environment A. Davis
Editorial - The Conference Call F. Derbyshire
Volume 3-5
Sept.-Oct., 1992
Formational Mechanism of Framboidal Pyrite on Sulfur Surfaces U. Graham
Possibilities for Oil Shale Development in Morocco O. Bekri
Editorial L. Sendlein
Volume 3-4
July-Aug., 1992
Advanced Duct Sorbent Injection Technology for SO2 Control F. Burke
Remediation of Acid Drainage through Surface Coating of Pyrite B. Evangelou
Editorial - One State's Answer to It Energy Problems K. Underwood
Volume 3-3
May-June, 1992
Environmental Aspects of Coal Trace Elements D. Swaine
The Selective Activation of Methane D. Trimm
Editorial - A Congressional Staffer's Perspective on Domestic Energy Policy N. Jeffries
Volume 3-2
Mar.-Apr., 1992
Is There a Simple Way to Obtain a Significant Increase in Underground Mining Productivity? J.Leonard, A. Paradkar and J. Groppo
Column Flotation Results at Powell Mountain Coal Company B. Peters
Editorial - The Importance of Funding Coal Cleaning Research J. Groppo
Volume 3-1
Jan.-Feb., 1992
Surface Analysis for Materials Characterization R. Bradley
Toward Organic Desulfurization L. Stock
Editorial - Flier in the Ointment F. Derbyshire
Volume 4-6
Nov.-Dec., 1993
Estimation of Coal Chemical Unit Structure and its Related Studies M. Nomura
Fusion Energy - A Challenge to the Carbon Material Scientist T. Burchell
Editorial - Staying Afloat F. Derbyshire
Volume 4-5
Sept.-Oct., 1993
Organic Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels: Probes into Macromolecular Structure P. Hatcher
Editorial- Breaking through the Glass Ceiling M. Dresselhaus
Volume 4-4
July-Aug., 1993
Fluidized Bed Combustion Studies of Turkish Lignites E. Ekinci
The Transformation of Wood to Activated CarbonM. Jagtoyen and F. Derbyshire
Editorial - CAER in the Eye of the Hurricane T. Lester
Volume 4-3
May-June, 1993
STM as a Means of Examining Fischer-Tropsch Process K. Ng
Development of a Continuous Mild Gasification Process for the Production of Co-Products B. Runge
Editorial - Environmental Impact Assessment for Coal T. Jones
Volume 4-2
Mar.-Apr., 1993
Energy Efficiency within Elf Aquitaine G. Sarrazine
Efficient Separation of Fullerenes on Preparative Gel Permeation Chromatography Columns M. Meier and J. Selegue
Editorial - Alternate Use of Fuels F. Derbyshire
Volume 4-1
Jan.-Feb., 1993
Carbons in Historical Perspective - 2 parts H. Marsh
Power Station Refurbishment: Opportunities for Coal D. Scott
Editorial - My Turn M. McAlister
Volume 5-6
Nov.-Dec., 1994
New Nanophase Matertials and Catalysts from Laser Pyrolysis P.C. Eklund, R. Ochoa, X.X. Bi, M.S. Dresselhaus, S. Bandow
Brunauer, Emmett and Teller - The Personalities Behind the BET Method B.Davis
Man Bytes Dog! F. Derbyshire
Volume 5_5
Sept.-Oct., 1994
Organic Petrography and Oil Shales A. Hutton
The Role of Oil Shale in the Israeli Energy Balance T. Minster
Where has all the coal gone? H. Marsh
Volume 5-4
July-Aug., 1994
Rechargable Lithium Batteries -- A New Driving Force for Research and Development J. Owen
Dewatering of Fine Coal B.K. Parekh
Changes in Academia Profitable for Society C. Wethington
Volume 5-3
May-June, 1994
Glassy Properties of Coal Tar Pitch Materials P. Ehburger
Processing Technology for the Recovery of Fossil Resin, a Value-add Product from Western Coals J. Miller
Kazakhstan's Energy Reserves Fueling Hope for the Future R. Hemmenway
Volume 5-2
Mar.-Apr., 1994
Estimation of Physical Properties of Hydrocarbons in a Coal-Derived Liquid by a Group Contribution Method M. Satou and Y. Sanada
Beneficiation of Ultrafine and Micronized Coals through Oil Agglomeration K. Keuhn
One-Stop Shopping J. Siegel
Volume 5-1
Jan.-Feb., 1994
Treatment of Spent Potlining in Aluminium Electrolysis, a Major Engineering and Environmental Challenge H. Oye
Refocusing of Economic Efforts Needed for Future Success M. Peluso
Volume 6-6
Nov.-Dec., 1995
The Role of Activated Carbon in Tissue Culture Medium S. Van Winkle, G. Pullman
Rosalind E. Franklin Who was She? M. Inagaki, Edit: H. Marsh
Editorial - a la moda F. Derbyshire
Volume 6-5
Sept.-Oct., 1995
Quantification of Nitrogen Forms in Coals S. Kelemen, M. Gorbaty, P. Kwiatek
Interlaboratory and Intralaboratory Variability in the Analysis of Mercury in Coal J.Lengyel, M. DeVito, R. Bilonick
Editorial - New Kids on the (Energy) Block M. McAlister
Volume 6-4
July-Aug., 1995
Electrostatic Separation of Powdered Materials: Beneficiation of Coal and Fly Ash H. Ban, J. Schaefer, J. Stencel
Recycled Plastics as an Energy Source E. Grulke
Editorial - Coal for the Future: Sustainable Development M. Musulin, II
Volume 6-3
May-June, 1995
The Structure and Oxidation Behavior of the Novel Compound, BC C. Hach, L. Jones
Combustion Synthesis of Fullerenes J. McKinnon
Editorial - Recycled Plastics as an Energy Source E. Grulke
Volume 6-1
Jan.-Feb., 1995
Biomarker Identification in a Latex Fossil L. Collins
Brunauer, Emmett and Teller - The Personalities Behind the BET Method (Part II) B. Davis
Editorial - Making Allowances: SO2 Emissions Trading D. Challman
Volume 7-6
Nov.-Dec., 1996
Understanding the Chaotic Nature of Flames P. Menguc
A Lesson from Dr. Teller M. McAlister
Editorial - Forget-me-not (Myosotic sylvatica) F. Derbyshire
Volume 7-5
Sept.-Oct., 1996
Interfacial Properties of Coal: A Guide to Catalyst Loading and Dispersion for Coal Conversion G. Abotsi
Creating "Basic" Carbon Surfaces J. Phillips
Editorial - Coal -- The Most Important Energy Source in China M. Cheng
Volume 7-4
July-Aug., 1996
The Use of Cenospheres in Refractories R. Kruger
Ash Research at the University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center D. Hassett
Editorial - We Are Running Out of Fly Ash T. Robl
Volume 7-3
May-June, 1996
Trace Elements in Coal R. Davidson
Lignite Part II: A Novel Material for Low-Cost Removal and Disposal of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides from Waste Water C. Deibel and C. Lafferty
Editorial - We Need Solid Peer Review W. Glase
Volume 7-2
Mar.-Apr., 1996
Global Warming - What are the Facts? S. Baliunas
Lignite: A Novel Material for Lowcost Removal and Disposal of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides from Waste Waster C. Deibel and C. Lafferty
Editorial - What Drives Research - Ideas or Funding? B. Davis
Volume 7-1
Jan.-Feb., 1996
The Cannel Coal Industry of Kentucky: A Brief History of Resource Development and Depletion J. Hower
Evolution of Pyrograf III(TM): Process Produces Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers Using Coal B. Alig
Editorial -The Difference Between Informing and Educating R. Lawson
Volume 8-6
Nov.-Dec., 1997
Disposal of Coal Combustion Byproducts in Underground Coal Mines T. Gray, T. Kyper, and J. Snodgrass
Photo Essays Photo Essays of the CAER's 20th Anniversary Celebrations and of the 1997 International Ash Utilization Symposium  
Volume 8-5
Sep.-oct., 1997
Coal Use and Fly Ash Disposal in Israel H. Foner and T. Robl
Coal Combustion Byproduct Haulback Today W. Giles
Workshops: Adsorbent Carbon and Science of Carbon Nanotubes  
Volume 8-4
July-Aug., 1997
Efficient and Environmentally Sound Use of Our Domestic Coal and Natural Gas Resources D. Gray and G. Tomlinson
Volume 8-3
May-June, 1997
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis - The CAER Perspective B. Davis
Current Direct Coal Liquefaction Work at the CAER E. Givens
Editorial - Some Thoughts on a Book Entitled 'The End of Science' I. Wender
Volume 8-2
Mar.-Apr., 1997
Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes: Quantum Carbon Wires P. Eklund & A. Rao
Effective Coal Combustion By-product Marketing C. Miller
Editorial - Global Warming Report: Hot Air F. Singer
Volume 8-1
Jan.-Feb., 1997
Competition in the Electric Power Industry: a Quest for Choice and Growth B. Sauer
Deregulation and New Challenges to Coal Utilization W. Bowker
Volume 9-6
Nov.-Dec., 1998
Nanotube Composite Carbon Fibers Apparo M. Rao
CAER Research Funding and Prospects Frank Derbyshire
Editorial - Food for Thought Frank Derbyshire
Volume 9-5
Sep.-Oct., 1998
Light Years Ahead D. J. Baker
Selective Surface Flow Carbon Membrane for Gas Separation S. Sircar
Editorial - Steps Toward (EPSCoR) Graduation J. Stencel
Volume 9-4
July-Aug., 1998
In-situ 1H NMR studies on coal J. Andrésen, M. Maroto-Valer and C. Snape
Emission of Toxic Explosive and Fire Hazardous Gases in Coal Piles Stored Under Atmospheric Conditions - Part II S. Grossman and H. Cohen
Editorial - Reflecting on the Clean Air Act's Effect on the Coal and Utility Industries J. Hower
Volume 9-3
May-June, 1998
Activated Carbons from Agricultural Byproducts for Adsorption of Organics and Metals C. Toles
Emission of Toxic Explosive and Fire Hazardous Gases in Coal Piles Stored Under Atmospheric Conditions - Part 1 S. Grossman and H. Cohen
Editorial - Don't Fear Technology R. Lawson
Volume 9-2
Mar.-Apr., 1998
Coal Fly Ash: A Retrospective and Future Look O. Manz
Editorial - Into the Wide Blue Yonder F. Derbyshire
Jan.-Feb., 1998
Adventures in Surface Science: A Personal History K. Sing
Molecular Structure and Energetics: A Changing Paradigm I. Hargittai
Editorial - Unburned Carbon on Fly Ash: A BurningIssue for Coal-Fired Utilities T. Ruppel and T. Sarkus
Volume 10-5
Sept.-Oct., 1999
Liberalization of Electricity Markets and Coal Use Katerina Rousaki
Chemical Precipitation of Mercury: Commercial Claims and New Approaches Kevin R. Henke, Aaron R. Hutchison, Matthew K. Krepps, Matthew M. Matlock and David A. Atwood*
Why Worry about Energy? The Sense and Nonsense of it all. David Gray
Volume 10-4
July-Aug., 1999
Science and Scientists Kenneth SW Sing
Back to the Future: Hydrogen Production, Now and Then Caterine E. Gregoire Padro
Editorial - High Five Frank Derbyshire
Volume 10-3
May-June, 1999
Exploiting Supercritical Reaction Media in Catalytic Fuels Processing Bala Subramaniam
The Science Behind Kyoto: The Role of Universities in the Climate Change Debate (Part II) William F. O'Keefe
Volume 10-2
Mar.-Apr., 1999
The Science Behind Kyoto: The Role of Universities in the Climate Change Debate (Part I) William F. O'Keefe
Coal Resource Laws and Taxes: The International Investment Auction Simon Walker
Volume 10-1
Jan.-Feb., 1999
Thermochemical Process for Utilization of Gypsum and Pyrite Wastes Daniel Tao
Improving the Utility of ICPMS Kathryn L. Ackley
Editorial - A Brief History of the UMWA Dan Reitz

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