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The Electrochemical Power Sources group focuses on the implementation of innovative energy-storage devices into a practical future use. Their emphasis is on renewable energy and the promise it holds.

CAER Researcher Receives Two Large Grants for Renewable Energy Storage

Steve Lipka works at the high tech end of the energy research world. When he talks about his research, he describes batteries, capacitors, portable electronics and cars - not coal, ash, or combustion.

Steve Lipka
Steve Lipka

This researcher, who came to us five years ago as a faculty member from Florida Atlantic University's Department of Ocean Engineering, was recently rewarded for his role in future energy storage by two diverse groups: utility giant E.ON International and the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR). The E.ON award is intended to promote promising technologies for renewables and 'point-of-use' energy supply. The ONR is interested in light-weight, highly portable, yet dense, power sources for the US Marine Corps.
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