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Fuel Processing Technology Class

During selected semesters, the Center for Applied Energy Research is responsible for teaching a UK College of Engineering course, Topics in Chemical Engineering: CME 599.

Class: Fuel Processing Technology

Semester: SPRING

Time: TBA

Instructor: TBA

Venue: TBA

Abstract of course:

The course will cover energy and fuel related issues by way of topical/thematic lectures and assignments. Designated material on the Internet will be used extensively for descriptive parts of the course. The interaction between fuel, environment and economics will be covered for a range of technical options.

Energy sources such as coal, oil (including transport fuels), natural gas, renewables and biomaterials will be explored in terms of their nature, processing and particular applications. The environmental impacts will be considered specifically regarding emissions and waste products from energy conversion processes. Nuclear energy will be handled in a comparative way. Quantitative work will be included where applicable.

For additional information, contact:
Marybeth McAlister
University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
Phone: 859-257-0200