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ESIREM Exchange Program - 2009

2009 ESIREM Exchange Program Students
The 2009 ESIREM Exchange Program students are:
Meriadeg and Delphine.

Meriadeg Revaud and Delphine Franchi are the 2009 ESIREM students at the CAER. As students have done since 1999, they perform senior experimental work at the CAER. They materials engineering students working with CAER research groups.

Since 1999 the CAER has hosted materials engineering students from the University of Burgundy's ESIREM program in Dijon, France. These students work at CAER for five months in order to finish their senior internship requirements. This is the tenth year that this exchange program has existed between ESIREM and CAER. The students return to France to present their work before faculty members in September. This is part of a larger university-wide partnering program with the French school that includes UK's Colleges of Agriculture and Business.