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ESIREM Exchange Program - 2000

bon voyage of students
french students
Mickael, Bouchra (last year's frog),Vanessa & Nathila.

Four French students from the University of Dijon's ESIREM (Materials Engineering School) in France's Burgundy region just left us after a stay of five months (during 2000). While here, Vanessa Lepareur, Nathila Sirimanotham, Mickael Minot, and Wilfried Ngantsoue-Hoc won our hearts and gave as much to us as they took home with them. They are part of an exchange program and extends a long-term collaboration between the two universities' schools of agriculture. The students worked at the lab to complete work toward their advanced degree in Materials Science. CAER Researcher Yongqing Zhang, who supervised Nathila and Wilfried in the Catalysis Group says, "They were great! It is hard to imagine any students ever meeting their standards. Their data will be used in reports and they will be co-authors on publications. They were quick learners. They were true professionals and it was a privilege working with them.