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ESIREM Exchange Program - 1999

1999 Foreign Student Exchange Program
(from left) Stephane Villain, Bouchra Safadi, and Francois Vilain

Three French students from the University of Burgundy at Dijon's ESIREM (Materials Engineering School) in France's Burgundy region joined the CAER for five months during 1999. They were part of an exchange program that hopes to create a long-term collaboration between the two universities' schools of agriculture (University of Burgundy and the University of Kentucky). The students worked at the CAER Lab in order to complete their advanced degrees in Materials Science.

All three students worked within the CAER's Carbon Materials Group. Stephane concentrated on the synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes; Bouchra investigated nanotube polymer composites and; Francois concentrated on nanotube pitch composites.