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Experience Based Career Education (EBCE) Program

Amanda Napier    Joshua Johnson
Amanda Napier and Joshua Johnson

CAER participates in Fayette County's Experience Based Career Education (EBCE) Program for high school students, in which students go out into the workforce to gain experience.

One of our most recent students, Amanda Napier of Lafayette High School, wrote a note to her mentor, Aurora Rubel, stressing how important this experience was for her. She says, "This internship has been very worthwhile and meaningful, and I have learned so much. It has also greatly furthered my interest in science and will help me in my college decisions. Before I came I wasn't heavily considering the science field, but because of the opportunity I had in working with you and the CAER, it is now a choice at the top of my list."

Another EBCE student, Joshua Johnson, worked in the Analytical Services group for two months, where he learned instrumentations procedures. He attends Dunbar High School.