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consol students
consol students
From left: Sarah Mardon (2001); Alan Trimble (1998);
Goe Sakulpitakphon (1999). Both Alan and Goe proved
to be such assets, they continued to work for CAER til 2003.

CONSOL/CAER CONSOL INC. and the CAER offer a joint grant which funds summer research for two undergraduate UK students. These students have hailed from various departments over the years. This year's students, Sarah Mardon and Sam Alauddin come to us from the Departments of Geology and Chemical and Materials Engineering, respectively. Sarah's work involves evaluating the geochemistry and petrology of a major coal in Southeastern Kentucky and comparing it to other coals in the area for a regional study. Sam’s project concerns the development of self-stabilizing coal tar pitches for carbon fiber production.