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belfry highschool
belfry highschool interns
Standing from left): Jim Hower, CAER; Kurtis Kendrick;
Duane Curry. Seated (from left): Beth Stanley;
Renee Johnson

Belfry High School, Pike County, Kentucky, was awarded $10,000 from the Toyota Tapestry Grant for Teachers. As part of the grant, they chose to acquaint students with research at the CAER. From 25-28 June, three students (Kurtis Kendrick, Beth Stanley, and Renee Johnson), accompanied by a science teacher (Duane Curry), worked in the petrology and FTIR laboratories. They also observed the use of TGA and SEM equipment. A second visit with more students is planned and will be followed by a CAER researcher visiting Belfry High School this year.